How To Soothe Allergies Naturally


There are very few certainties in life. But for many individuals, allergies are always there. No matter the season or the weather, for a lot of men and women allergies offer feelings of discomfort and disgust. Unfortunately, these issues sometimes seem to never disappear. However, in order to reduce the impacts of seasonal allergy symptoms like irritating/itchy skin, lack of energy, as well as congestion, there are several natural tips to soothe these pains.

Obviously, varying your allergic exposures will improve your overall health, but how should you go about this? First, on days that are more dry and windy, try your best to avoid going outside for long periods of time. As a result of these weather conditions, pollen counts are very high and can have a negative impact on allergy symptoms. Pollen counts also drastically increase during the mornings. So instead, try to get fresh air after periods of rainfall or during the afternoons because that’s when the majority of pollen is gone. Moving your schedule around even slightly can ease some of the discomfort during allergy season, specifically issues involving nasal congestion and breathing.

Simple Lifestyle Changes for Allergy Relief

One of the most effective strategies against nagging allergies involves improving your health as a whole. This includes increasing the duration and intensity of your daily rest so that your body feels recharged and ready to go. Other factors that influence your allergies and physical health revolve around nutrition and physical activity. For example, short term fasting has actually been linked to leading to fewer allergic symptoms. Many different types of food as well have varying effects to ways your body handles allergies. For instance, citrus fruits have been shown to help decrease the duration of cold-like symptoms. Furthermore, oily fish like salmon serve as great sources of omega-3 fatty acids which help support respiratory functions, especially situations involving asthma. Most people don't consume enough fish to have healthy levels of Omega-D3, but this is easily remedied with a supplement like our best selling Omega-D3 with Astaxanthin. Other foods such as tomatoes and onions are great additions that can be consumed with all types of meals throughout the day while also providing support against allergy symptoms. Incorporating a balanced nutritional diet into your life can provide huge stability to your health, specifically your energy and overall wellness.

Fast, Natural Allergy Relief

However, there are also supplemental products as well that perform these functions and even more. One of them being Newport Natural Health’s Breathe EZ Respiratory Support. These tasty chewable tablets allow for fast relief of common allergy symptoms experienced by tens of millions of men and women globally. In fact, research has shown an 18% improvement in just 15 minutes after use, and up to 70% of subjects reported no symptom complaints after 90 days. Newport’s Breathe EZ tablets serve as a fast and easy approach to improving your symptoms. This strategy is highly effective while adding little to no change to your current diet and exercise plans. While those elements to your health are still highly important, these supplements are convenient and versatile.

Problems involving runny eyes, sneezing, coughing, etc. can have major negative impacts on individuals who suffer from outdoor, seasonal, or even pet-induced allergic symptoms. Newport’s Breathe EZ tablets are a great alternative for those who continue to see themselves cripple from the effects of all types of allergies. Customers have actually commented on the fast reaction time along with the lack of side effects that come with the Breathe EZ chewable tablets. It’s applicable for all ages and its broad array of capabilities makes it a valuable source of allergy relief.

Probiotics And Allergy

Another effective allergy treatment involves the use of probiotics. In many instances, probiotics can help support digestion as well as the immune system as a whole. Probiotics are increasing in popularity particularly because of their ability to treat several different health issues throughout the human body. As a matter of fact, Newport Natural Health also developed their own Microencapsulated Probiotic that helps deal with a number of problems, especially ones related to allergies. Taking probiotics may not always serve as the sole defender against allergies, but they are a great way in order to mitigate the effects of allergies and other types that may lead to congestion.

In addition to health supplements, use of herbal remedies have been on the rise. In fact, there are tons of options that help fight against allergies that involve a herbal-type approach. One of the most popular remedies is ginger, which has been praised for its effectiveness and low risks. Ginger helps circulation throughout the digestive system along with combating congestion and migraines. Ginger comes in several different forms and can be paired with other herbal supplements as well. Butterbur is another source of allergy remedy which has been showcased as a reliable source against headaches and other allergic symptoms. This herbal remedy is typically grown in areas throughout North America and Europe and has also been credited with supporting other problems like urinary tract infections. There’s been an increasing demand for natural remedies these past few years because of their efficiency and natural-feel to them.

In Conclusion

When it comes to the bottom line, there are countless natural ways in order to fight against allergies. In general, many of these ways relate to the food and beverages you’re intaking into your body along with the amount of physical exercise you receive on a weekly basis. There are however other routes people can take such as allergy supplements (Breathe EZ) or even home remedies that involve herbal nutrients. If you’re still a little unsure about what’s right for you, it’s always safe to ask for a medical professional’s view on the safest choice. Allergies impact most of the world each and every day, so it’s crucial people are capable of doing anything they can in order to combat nagging allergic symptoms.


Last Edit: August 2, 2021