2015 Year in Review


I’m always amazed at the volume of content we create at Newport Natural Health. In 2015, we wrote more than 150 articles to bring you the latest health and wellness advice.

So I understand if you missed something. It was a busy year.

In the spirit of helping your memory recall, here’s a list of the TOP 5 biggest, most important, can’t-forget-that-one health articles of 2015.

We’ll see more of the same in 2016, with great information on keeping your heart, lungs, and muscles in great shape, and helping you to lead a happier, healthier, better life from here on out.

Are you a victim of this “sneaky” epidemic of illness lurking in your home?

An epidemic is taking our nation by storm. But the source is not some mutant virus or superbug. No, it’s much sneakier and more sinister. And you probably have it in your own home. Learn how many of the medications, that are supposed to improve your health, may actually be making things worse…and how you can reverse these negative health effects safely and naturally.

The most powerful nutrition tool in the world

Has your credit card bill ever given you a nasty surprise? You’re sure that you know where you’ve been spending your money—but the final number comes as a shock? Well, the same is often true of the foods we eat and the calories we accumulate. Learn this simple trick for keeping tabs on your diet and dropping inches from your waistline.

Cancer detection made easy…just do it.

“You have cancer” is among the scariest sentences one can hear. But, while we still don’t have a sure-fire way to prevent cancer outright, early detection is perhaps your number one weapon for fighting cancer and winning. Take control of your cancer risk. Learn about the latest cancer screening tests, which ones are most accurate, and which ones to avoid.

Are you prepared for a hospital visit?

Being admitted to the hospital can be a confusing, stressful, and overwhelming experience for you, family and friends, and the hospital staff. Here’s a simple checklist to make sure you’re prepared.

Sitting is the new smoking—are you at risk?

Laptops, smartphones, and many other modern marvels have got you trapped behind a desk or slouching on a couch for hours at a time. Sitting too long and in the wrong positions leaves you vulnerable to nerve, muscle, and skeletal pain—and a higher risk of death, too! A few easy rules will leave you much more comfortable while you stay connected. Check them out now.


Last Updated: September 2, 2020
Originally Published: September 1, 2014