Memory Loss

Memory is a multifaceted system synergistically created between the neurological system , the sensory system, and influenced by overall mental and emotional health. When memory as a whole is defined, it includes the ability to recall recent events, cherished landmarks in our own lives, tasks that we hope to accomplish, and facts and figures that give context to our daily interactions with the world.

The foundation for preserving high-functioning memory is the foundation of total wellness. Drinking sufficient water, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep are minimum requirements to keep your brain in proper order. All of these practices reduce stress, protect your circulatory system, and work to reduce inflammation. Inflammation presents a problem for memory in that it can lead to nerve damage and attack brain tissue directly, damaging the parts of the brain that process information and the parts that store the many different kinds of memory.

One supplement which is essential to brain health is omega-3 essential fatty acids, and, in particular, DHA, which functions as fuel for the further development of tissue in the brain. The brain, itself, is made up of 60% fat. Additionally, curcumin combats inflammation throughout your body. It can cross the blood-brain barrier to confront inflammation there, as well. Further, the B vitamins (B-6, B-12, folic acid) contribute to the proper functioning of your mental processes. Many people suffer from vitamin B deficiencies, as the synthetic forms in processed foods are not treated in your body as the natural forms, and commercial agricultural processes mean that our food supply is not as robust as it was in the past.

3 Steps to Prevent Dementia

20170116 dementia decline shutterstock_14923000
Perhaps the biggest fear I hear about from patients is dementia. We all know that, someday, our bodies will stop working—but nothing is quite so scary as losing bits and pieces of your mind. We’ve all seen it happen to people we’re close to, and there isn’t a more frightening specter. However, most people never […]

The First Dementia Test: Blood Pressure

20161116 blood pressure and dementia shutterstock_161399234
I’ve got a brand-new tool in the fight against dementia. And, oddly enough, it’s one of the very first tools any medical student learns to use. It’s something you’ve probably had tested hundreds of times—never realizing that it could give you a glimpse of your future. I’m talking about your blood pressure. Long a harbinger […]

Natural Alzheimer’s Treatments

20161104 dementia shutterstock_167465387
There’s a great deal of anecdotal evidence that giving dolls to Alzheimer’s and dementia patients is wondrous therapy. While not everyone agrees, my position is simple. If it brings happiness and relief without pills or side effects, and it’s inexpensive, and does no harm…I’m in. We don’t know why—does it matter? The key word here […]

Blood Sugar Problems Lead to Brain Problems

20160902 blood sugar brain shutterstock_334062308
The link between diabetes and a higher risk of dementia is well established. But recent research has found that people with blood-sugar levels lower than the threshold for diabetes are also at increased risk for dementia. So even if your blood glucose level says “normal,” you’re not off the risk hook for dementia. You may […]

Berberine Helps Against Alzheimer’s

20160801 alzheimers and berberine shutterstock_254389798
Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most terrifying that exists. It dismantles your memories and your mind. We still don’t have a cure. And, until recently, we didn’t really have a good way to know whether it was coming for you or not. But times are changing. There are some extremely promising treatments—both as protection […]

Heart and Brain Health are Tightly Linked

The human body is an amazing, complex machine. And that’s why, sometimes, it’s hard to pin down the cause of problems. Today I want to talk about one of the most common problems—and one of the most misunderstood. Mind, memory, and brain issues are something that most of us will have to deal with at […]

Meditation Naturally Heals Your Brain

woman with glowing brain
Meditation has, for centuries, made dramatic claims about its health and healing powers—without solid proof. Until now. Your brain is a muscle—exercise it New research has proven for the first time that our brains can do a brilliant trick. They can, when stimulated, physically increase the size of certain parts associated with health, well-being, stress […]

Curcumin and Brain Health

20160708 curcumin brain shutterstock_430296535
A recent study points to a delicious way to increase your brain function and reduce your chances of cognitive decline. Turmeric, a spice used every day in Indian curries and other cuisines, contains an incredibly active component called curcumin. We’ve seen loads of good news about its anti-inflammatory powers recently—but most importantly, about its role […]

You Can’t Catch Alzheimer’s But You Can Prevent It

couple drinking water after exercising
The media threw a scare into a lot of people recently by hyping a UK study suggesting that Alzheimer’s might be contagious. Imagine the worry among the loved ones and caregivers who deal intimately with Alzheimer’s patients. Imagine the tragedy of those millions of patients losing that care on account of unfounded fear. Fortunately, here’s […]

Mild Cognitive Impairment

20160219 mild cognitive impairment shutterstock_181678883
It happens all the time—you walk into a room in order to get something. But for a few seconds or longer, you can’t remember what it is. That’s the mild end of the spectrum. And very little reason for fear or concern, right? Maybe not. Now imagine you’re in a room. Other people are there, […]

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