The most astounding pink supernutrient you’ve never heard of… but should be taking

Dear Health-Conscious Reader,

You’re familiar with the term, “in the pink,” right?

When you’re in the pink, you’re in tip-top shape–excellent health.

And new, exciting research is making this turn of phrase into something quite literal. Because I’m about to introduce you to a pink nutrient—a powerful antioxidant carotenoid shown to be:

  • 40 times stronger than beta-carotene
  • 100 times stronger than vitamin E
  • 800 times stronger than CoQ10
  • And 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C[1]

Amazing! That means, not only can this pink nutrient help defeat the free radicals that accelerate the effects of aging, but it also offers…

Powerful, natural inflammation balancing properties protecting you against today’s biggest health challenges

That means, nearly unparalleled:

   Cardiovascular protection…[19]
   Comfortable, flexible joints…
   Sharp, mental acuity and cognitive function…

It’s also been shown to help boost the immune system, balance blood sugar, sharpen eye health—it’s even been shown to help promote energy, endurance and athletic performance.

But, even if you’re not an elite athlete…

This one pink compound can keep YOU in the pink like no other nutrient!

Called the “king of all carotenoids,” astaxanthin is produced by a tiny, red, aquatic algae. Pronounced “Asta-zan-thin,” it’s a favorite food of shrimp, krill, and salmon—it’s where they get their pinkish color from. And it’s reputed to give salmon the strength they need to swim upstream, against powerful waters, during their spawning season.

It’s also a powerful new addition to Newport Natural Health’s Omega-D3 formula

When we first developed Omega-D3 in 2012, we had discovered an exciting breakthrough that made fish oil about as old fashioned as the telegraph.

Now I’m recommending something better. Something much better. It’s called Calamarine oil.

And I’ll tell you all about it in just a minute. But first I want to explain the problems with fish oil.

Fish oil’s great promise… and the disappointing reality

Chances are you’re familiar with fish oil as a source of Omega-3s. You may already be taking fish oil because you know it is good for your heart, arteries, joints, brain, and virtually every part of your body.

Omega-3s are referred to by nutrition scientists as Essential Fatty Acids. They’re called “essential” because your body can’t make them, yet they’re essential to your survival. But most Americans are literally starving for these wonder workers. The Standard American Diet (SAD) gives us far too little Omega-3s, and leaves most Americans starving for these amazing compounds.

Which is a shame since a Harvard University study shows that Omega-3 supplements could…

Save the Lives of Nearly 100,000 AMERICANS EVERY YEAR![1]

It’s no surprise that the amazing health benefits of Omega-3s have been documented in more than 8,000 clinical studies.[2]

Omega­3s act as a natural anti-inflammatory, “switching off” the processes that cause many of the tough health problems we attribute to aging–cardiovascular concerns and memory worries, to name a few.

But fish oil is hardly the perfect solution to the human body’s Omega-3 problem…

The Flaws in Your Fish Oil

With so many options for fish oil, I find — even if it’s a very expensive, “high-quality” fish oil — it’s sorely lacking in the critical nutrient that my heart, arteries, brain, joints and eyes are starving for.

What’s more, there are some big problems with fish oil that may not only harm you, but the environment as well:

  Purity Problems: Investigations by both Consumer Reports[3] and the Environmental Defense Fund have shown that some fish oil supplements — even those from well-known brands or leading retailers — were seriously contaminated with mercury, PCBs, arsenic and other contaminants.
  Oxidation Damage: Because fish oils are naturally unsaturated, they can go rancid if not handled properly. And when fish oils go rancid, they not only stop providing benefits, they may actually contribute to the formation of harmful oxidized fats in your body.
  Environmental Impact: As consumer demand for fish oil has skyrocketed, important fish species and krill, another common source of Omega-3-s, are being overfished. Thankfully, since so many whales, dolphins, and other marine animals depend on krill to survive, some leading retailers such as Whole Foods will not stock krill oil products.

Plus, emerging research has proven that fish oil just doesn’t deliver on the true benefits of omega-3s the way Calamarine does.

Let me explain…

The Real Wonder Worker in Omega-3s

By far, the most important flaw in most fish oil products is that it’s just not doing what it was designed to do.

You see, fish oil is a mix of essential fatty acids, the two most important of which are EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid).

But a growing body of evidence shows that EPA and DHA do NOT have the same health­ enhancing powers. In fact, research shows that DHA provides most of the key health benefits of omega­3s.

So make sure you are taking an omega­3 supplement with at least twice as much DHA as EPA.

Unfortunately, most fish oils provide the exact opposite—far more EPA than DHA.

Even while clinical studies published in leading medical journals now document DHA’s power to help renew, restore, and revitalize virtually every part of your body.

DHA is highly concentrated in the human brain, eyes, nervous system, and blood. It is a key structural component of your heart, arteries, joints, mood, and many critical organs.

And Calamarine oil contains TWICE as much health-infusing DHA as ordinary fish

Calamarine is NOT FISH OIL. It’s made from tiny squid that live in plentiful supplies in pristine, deep ocean waters.

It delivers all the benefits of fish oil, but you also get the benefits of double the DHA and NONE of the drawbacks of ordinary fish oil.

And, because it’s not a fish…you never have to worry about those awful fishy burps.

Getting omega-3s from Calamarine is also kinder to the environment. These tiny squid are highly sustainable and the oil comes from the parts of the squid that remain after making calamari.

That means virtually no waste.

But, what’s most important are the tremendous health benefits of a DHA-rich Calamarine oil:

  DHA Health Benefit #1:
Superior Support for Healthy Blood Pressure: In a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 59 overweight men, with slightly high cholesterol levels, took either EPA, DHA, or a placebo for 6 weeks. Only DHA helped maintain healthy blood pressure.[5]
  DHA Health Benefit #2:
Keep Your Arteries Healthy: You know how important it is to protect your heart and arteries. A double-blind clinical study showed that it is DHA, not EPA that is the wonder worker here too.[6] That’s why you want to be sure you’re getting maximum DHA.
  DHA Health Benefit #3:
Better Blood Flow throughout Your Body: Healthy circulation means that blood reaches all the tiny capillaries throughout your body. Without healthy blood flow, parts of your body will literally suffocate and starve. A double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study showed that it is DHA, not EPA, that opens blood vessels and enables healthy circulation to the extremities. Researchers believe that this “vasodilation” or opening of the blood vessels is one reason that DHA supports both improved blood flow and healthy blood pressure.[7]
  DHA Health Benefit #4:
Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels: DHA helps improve your cholesterol by raising healthy HDL cholesterol and supporting beneficial changes in the size of cholesterol particles.[8]
  DHA Health Benefit #5:
Sharper Memory and Clear Thinking: DHA has powerful benefits for your brain and nervous system. In the brain, DHA amounts to 11% of all fatty acids, while EPA is virtually absent.[9] Tufts University research shows that people in the top 25% of DHA intake had a 47% lower risk of memory and brain issues.[10] Imagine cutting your risk of memory issues nearly IN HALF with one simple nutrient.
  DHA Health Benefit #6:
Healthy Eyes and Clear Vision: DHA is a primary structural component of the retina of your eyes.[11] This may be one reason why DHA is shown to help protect critical parts of the eyes including the macula, the retina, and the critical optic nerve that carry visual signals to your brain. In a clinical study, people taking DHA were 40-50% LESS LIKELY to experience macular vision issues. Another study showed that people taking DHA, along with lutein, maintained clear, sharp vision.[12]
  DHA Health Benefit #7:
Stronger Support for Healthy Blood Sugar: DHA can also help reduce insulin resistance. According to a recent study, 70 percent of those who had insulin resistance and took DHA had significantly improved insulin function. [13]

Can you see why I’m telling you to forget about fish oil and choose…

The Alternative to the Fish Oil Rip-Off
Do this for me: If you’re currently taking fish oil, get up right now and look at the label. I’m guessing you’ll see that your fish oil contains more EPA than DHA.

But, as we’ve been discussing, DHA is proven to be more beneficial to your brain, heart, vision, and skin health.

Because the market is flooded with the wrong kind of fish oil, simply telling you to take an omega-3 supplement wasn’t enough. Without finding a better solution for you, my recommendation would be incomplete.

My solution to the “fish oil rip-off” is called Omega-D3 with Astaxanthin, and it contains more than twice the amount of DHA than EPA. You won’t find a more complete and sustainable omega-3 on the market today at this low price.

The Omega-3 Breakthrough with Nearly DOUBLE THE DHA OF FISH OIL!

I used to simply call it Omega-­D3. But now I call it, new and improved Omega-D3 with Astaxanthin.

This unique formulation will give you 85% MORE DHA than regular fish oil.

Plus, you’ll also get…


The remarkable nutrient is Vitamin D. Chances are you’re familiar with it. You may even be taking it in a multivitamin. Yet almost all Americans are still seriously vitamin D deficient.

Research published in Scientific American magazine shows that…

75% of Americans Don’t Get Enough![15]

According to recent research, the U.S. Government’s minimum daily requirement of 400 IU is far too low.[16] And many supplements are made from a cheaper, far less effective form of vitamin D called D2.

Are you taking the right type? Many multivitamins also contain Vitamin D2. Instead, I recommend the type of Vitamin D shown to be…


This type of Vitamin D3 is called cholecalciferol or D3. Studies show that it is more than three times more bioavailable than Vitamin D2, making it three times more beneficial to you.[18]

Vitamin D is shown to support so many health functions, it would almost be easier to name things it does NOT help.

Vitamin D is well known for supporting bone health. It is becoming more popular for supporting a healthy immune system. It also has remarkable benefits for heart health, to name just a few.

For example, research shows vitamin D can help you maintain:

   Better blood flow and more flexible arteries: People with better levels of Vitamin D maintained more flexible arteries and a healthy blood flow.[19]
   Healthier Blood Pressure: The American Journal of Hypertension published a study showing that people with low Vitamin D levels had a greater chance of having unhealthy blood pressure. [20]
   Sharper Memory. People who did not maintain good Vitamin D levels were 60% more likely to experience significant mental decline.[21]
   Stronger Immunity: Vitamin D supercharges your immune cells.[22]
   Healthier Bones: Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium for healthy bones as you age.

Slow Down the Effects of Aging

Exciting new research hits my desk almost every week on the power of Vitamin D. For example, research shows how vitamin D can help you actually preserve and restore your health at the genetic level. Studies show that Vitamin D can help you:

   Lengthen Your Telomeres: Exciting research shows that Vitamin D can help restore telomeres. Telomeres are the protective end caps of chromosomes—their length determines, in part, how long we’ll live. They become frayed each time a cell divides. Scientists used to think that nothing could be done to halt this part of the aging process. But a recent study shows that Vitamin D can help you maintain your telomere length. This exciting discovery can help keep you looking and feeling younger.[23]
   Switch on Genes that Can Boost Your Health: Research at Oxford University shows that Vitamin D can actually activate genes that start beneficial health processes in your body.[24]

Omega­-D3 with Astaxanthin gives you 500 IU of Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) in each softgel. This helps ensure that you’re getting enough of this critical nutrient.

Great results at your next check­up!

Maximum Health
Benefits and
Each Omega­-D3 with Astaxanthin gives you:

• 540 mg of Super Concentrated Omega-3 Marine Oil (Made from Calamari)

• 360 mg of DHA

• 140 mg of EPA

• 40 mg of other Omega-3 essential fatty acids

• 500 IU of Vitamin D3
(as cholecalciferol)

• 666 mcg of Astaxanthin

See for yourself how Omega-D3 with Astaxanthin can make a huge difference in your health. All the health benefits described above have been documented in thousands of clinical studies.

Deficiencies in Omega-3s and Vitamin D are epidemic in America. Chances are this includes you and your loved ones.

And the addition of powerful astaxanthin to this formula can help ensure you’re in the pink every single day, for the rest of your life!

That’s why I urge you to take this one simple step to protect and nurture your health. Nothing else I know of has Omega­-D3 with Astaxanthin’s power to renew, restore, rejuvenate, and revitalize your health!

Omega­-D3 with Astaxanthin combines my two most powerful, most recommended supplements, in the most beneficial forms, into one convenient, economical and easy-to-take softgel.

Discover how Omega­-D3 with Astaxanthin with Calamarine and cholecalciferol can give you the ultimate in:

   Maximum Health Benefits
   Environmental Safety
   Great Value!
   And all with no fishy after taste!

Try Omega-­D3 with Astaxanthin risk free at our lowest price. Simply go here to begin enjoying the benefits of Omega-­D3 with Astaxanthin.

Yours in health and wellness,

Lily Moran

President & Publisher, Newport Natural Health

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