What do YOUR seasonal symptoms keep you from doing?

Take a deep breath and see what others are saying…

Indoors, outdoors…pollen…grass…ragweed…dander…dust mites…and more…

Hundreds of happy adults feel their seasonal
symptoms VANISH in as little 15 minutes

Dear Health-Conscious Reader,

What you’re about to discover is a jaw-dropping miracle breakthrough for your most challenging seasonal symptoms.

Hundreds of men and women—even kids—are breathing easy through clear, comfortable nasal passages, free from itchy eyes and noses thanks to an incredible natural breakthrough that happened very much by accident.

Starting in as little as 15 minutes, you’ll be able to:

  • Spend a gorgeous spring day in your garden…without the sniffles
  • Enjoy visiting friends and family…without worrying that their pets will turn you into an itchy, runny mess…
  • Take a hike on a beautiful fall day…without bringing a box of tissues…
  • Kick on the heat in the winter…without the dust closing off your sinuses, making you miserable…

But first, let me tell you how…

A total “accident” turned into an amazing discovery

Not since penicillin was accidentally discovered in 1928, has pure chance and astute observation had such an impact on modern natural medicine.

In 1967, Dr. Truffier, a French practitioner, had a similar accidental moment when he noted that local quail farmers had far fewer seasonal symptoms than other folks living in the same general area.

Two different quail farmers had confirmed Dr. Truffier’s observation—the farmer’s had given quail eggs to their families and employees and in both cases saw a gradual reduction in their seasonal symptoms.

Following up on his hunch, Dr. Truffier served quail eggs to his wife…and then his kids…and he was shocked to see their seasonal symptoms vanish as well!

Almost 25 years later, this doctor’s work caught the eye of the highly respected French allergist Dr. G. Bruttmann…and that’s when things got really exciting.

Five modern, human clinical trials prove this 46-year-old “hunch” banishes your itches, drips and sniffles FAST!

Using a tablet made from a proprietary, standardized, quail egg powder, Dr. Bruttmann conducted five double-blind, placebo-controlled studies to see just how accurate this hunch really was.

He worked with people battling indoor, outdoor, seasonal and year-round symptoms.

Study after study showed the same results. And they were nothing short of amazing.

    • 18% improvement in breathing, starting just 15 minutes after taking the tablet
    • 25-44% improvement for stuffy, runny, itchy nose, watery eyes and itchy eyes in as little as 15 minutes…with continued improvement over the next two hours
    • 70% of seasonal sufferers had no complaints at all after 90 days…compared to 13-18% for placebo
    • A similar study showed 80% improvement after 90 days, with significant improvements after just 45 days, for those who suffered all year

Studies have also noted improved lung function and clearer air passages for subjects taking the quail egg powder.

Perhaps best of all, you can do all of the things you want to do without getting knocked down by negative side-effects.

  • You can take a breath of fresh, crisp spring air without feeling groggy or fuzzy-headed…
  • Pet that shaggy dog or that long-haired cat without feeling dried out and dehydrated…
  • Clean out your attic or dust off those shelves without feeling tired and “out of it”…

Just clean, clear, symptom-free living starting in as little as 15 minutes.

And, as you’re about to learn, you
don’t have to choke down a pill

But don’t worry, you won’t have to slurp down quail eggs either.

Having read through the remarkable findings in these studies, I couldn’t be more excited to get this information to you.

Breathe EZ: a delicious, fast-dissolving tablet to release you from the grips of your seasonal symptoms, FAST

Just let two tasty, vanilla-flavored tablets slowly dissolve under your tongue.

You’ll quickly start to breathe easier through clear, open nasal and sinus passages…

Enjoy clear, comfortable vision without goopy, watery, runny eyes…

Banish that itchy nose,and put down that box of tissues…

Breathe EZ means you can enjoy all of your favorite indoor activities…outdoor activities…seasons and events

Hikes…picnics…barbecues…mowing and gardening in absolute comfort.

Fall strolls…raking leaves…and outdoor dining without a sneeze or sniffle.

Hair…feathers…dust mites…and more. Take on your most challenging indoor and outdoor triggers and WIN.

Without a single negative side-effect.

Just ask Cindy C., from San Francisco who told me, “To my surprise they worked great to relieve my nasal drainage congestion!”

And Vickie K., from Earth, TX, said “I have been taking the Breathe EZ for almost a month and am amazed at how well it works.”

And, because it dissolves quickly, under your tongue, you don’t even have to swallow a pill.

I can’t imagine a simpler, faster, more pleasant, and effective solution to all of your seasonal symptoms.

Try it for a full 3 months without risking a penny

Breathe EZ is backed by five successful, human, clinical studies—the gold standard in medical research.

And the results speak for themselves.

Fast improvements…up to 80% of long-term, seasonal and those who suffer all year are left symptom-free after 90 days.

And the small group of excited, former sufferers are proof positive that it works!

Teresa R., from Stockton, MO is thrilled, “I tried this product and my cough, sneezing, and runny eyes have cleared up! I am thrilled with the results!”

And Cindy C., from San Francisco, is finally sleeping through the night, “I’m really happy to get the quick relief at night when I go to bed…I have found that I sleep better.”

Plus, Breathe EZ is a delicious, fast-dissolving, vanilla-flavored tablet—just let it dissolve under your tongue and wait for sweet relief from even your most challenging seasonal symptoms.

But you don’t have to take my word for it

Order your risk-free supply of Breathe EZ today and take advantage of our 3-month 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you’re not breathing easier, indoors or outdoors…

If you’re not enjoying clear sinuses and freedom from nose itches, and sniffles…

If you’re not seeing clearly through comfortable eyes, free of drips, goops, and excessive tearing…

If you’re not 100% satisfied at any time or for any reason, simply send back any unused portion, within 3 months of your purchase date, and we’ll refund every penny (less shipping costs).

What could be easier?

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It’s the most convenient, affordable and hassle-free way to ensure you steer clear of your seasonal symptoms all day, every day.

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In other words, you have nothing at all to lose. And a whole host of seasonal, perennial, indoor or outdoor seasonal symptoms to banish for good.

Goes to work fast, without a single negative side effect and without swallowing a pill.

Enjoy your spring cleaning with clear nasal and sinus passages…

Visit friends and family without worrying about their pet hair, dust or dander…

Dine outdoors, garden, stroll or just enjoy the fresh air without drips, sneezes, itches or tickles…

Breathe EZ goes to work fast and works even better the longer you use it.

So don’t let seasonal symptoms keep you down and out.

Order your risk-free supply of Breathe EZ today!

Yours in Health & Wellness,

Lily Moran
President & Publisher, Newport Natural Health

P.S. Indoors, outdoors, pollen…grass…weeds…pet dander…dust mites…and more! You can banish all of your seasonal symptoms—from itchy, runny eyes, to sniffling, runny nose and more—starting now. Whether they’re seasonal or perennial, Breathe EZ can conquer them all. So order your risk-free supply today; take up to 3 full months to put it to the test. If you aren’t 100% delighted, it’s FREE! So why wait?Order now.

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