Natural Health Remedies

Medical Radiation Dangers

20170118 radiation testing dangers shutterstock_242705380
Some of the most powerful and widely used diagnostic tools we have today can also be terribly dangerous.  While it’s true that X-rays, CAT scans, mammograms, and PET scans have revolutionized health care, the high levels of radiation they can expose you to is way up on my list of serious, but unnecessary, threats to […]

3 Steps to Prevent Dementia

20170116 dementia decline shutterstock_14923000
Perhaps the biggest fear I hear about from patients is dementia. We all know that, someday, our bodies will stop working—but nothing is quite so scary as losing bits and pieces of your mind. We’ve all seen it happen to people we’re close to, and there isn’t a more frightening specter. However, most people never […]

Healthy Habits Work, No Matter Your Age

20170113 starting new habits shutterstock_520248706
They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…but that isn’t necessarily true. It’s never too late to get healthy. I know lots of patients—and friends!—who don’t want to change unhealthy habits, or adopt healthy ones. After all, I’m often asked, “What good can it do? I’ve done X my whole life, so changing […]

Egg casserole

20170112 crustless quiche shutterstock_90071557
This is a great recipe for the doldrums of winter. It can  be served hot or cold, and is delicious for breakfast or dinner. It also packs well for lunch. As we’ve discussed before, eggs are great protein packets, and the fat in eggs is perfectly safe to eat, as well as delicious. Because this […]

Broccoli’s Health Benefits

20170111 broccoli health benefits shutterstock_475112467
Eat these tiny little trees of health When Italian horticulturalists developed broccoli from cabbage, they probably didn’t realize what a powerful treat they were creating. I think of broccoli as a multi-purpose vegetable, because it improves your health in so many areas. From fighting cancer, to improving eyesight, to helping your heart, to detoxing your […]

Curcumin and Mental Health

20170109 curcumin and mental health shutterstock_378644521
What if there’s a “cure” for depression? Not another Big Pharma, medication-for-life antidepressant with wicked side effects—but a natural, safe, plant-based cure, as in “no more depression—it’s over, here’s your life back—go and enjoy.” Rocking the bedrock It is largely accepted that depression is caused by an imbalance of chemicals, particularly serotonin and norepinephrine, in […]

Gluten-Free Banana Bread

20170105 banana bread shutterstock_170162267
Most banana bread recipes are more like cake: much too much sugar and made with white flour. This recipe uses oatmeal, so it’s got 25% more protein and 4 times the fiber of a common banana bread. Instead of pure white sugar, this uses a small amount of maple syrup, but mostly relies on bananas […]

12 Healthy Habits to Adopt for 2017

20170102 12 new habits shutterstock_90272788
Today, I want to share 12 simple, life-changing habits for maximum health…and happiness. Habits get a bad rap—we often think of the bad ones out there. But the truth is, habits form the backbone of about 95% of what we do every day—the good and the bad. And that’s why it’s so important to fill […]

Resolve to Thrive in Health and Wellness

20161230 this is your  year shutterstock_528085513
At this time of the year, I like to switch gears a bit, and tell you not just how to “thrive in health and wellness,” as I like to put it. In addition, I’ll remind you why that should be a priority in your new year’s resolutions and throughout your life. Let’s set a goal […]

Roasted vegetable pasta

20161229 roasted vegetable pasta shutterstock_92742829
This is a dish that I love to make because it’s very simple but it uses nice ingredients and a simple roasting technique to create layers of flavor. It doesn’t take much effort at all, but it stars good for you cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, and It’s very common for me to […]

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