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Natural Health Remedies

Is your bedtime affecting your heart health?

In a culture where naps and resting are seen as a sign as laziness, the importance of sleep cannot be overstated. Getting enough quality sleep is just as critical for good health as eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. It’s not just about getting rest. Several very beneficial things happen while you sleep: Your blood pressure […]

The simple strategy I used to reduce my high prescription drug costs by 75% without compromising my health

The article below was written by guest contributor Pamela Maclean, RN, and medically reviewed by Taylor Froiland, PharmD, RPh. Learn more about Taylor and our other experts here. I am 87 years old and recently entered an assisted living facility in Coral Gables, Florida. As a former Registered Nurse, I am proactive about my health and […]

Are you sprinkling this immunity-killer on your food?

I’m sure you’ve heard that diets high in sodium can increase your risk of high blood pressure, which in turn raises your risk of heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular problems. But, new research indicates that sodium overload can hurt way more than just your ticker. It can also weaken your immune system! I’m sure […]

Stressed out during the COVID-19 pandemic? This can help.

How are you dealing with stress these days? If you’re like most of us, 2+ months of self-quarantining, potential job loss, financial and economic worries, and concerns over you, or someone you love, getting sick with COVID-19 have taken their toll on your sanity. Please know, you are NOT alone. And not only is there […]

The emotional tolls of Social Distancing—how are you feeling?

If you’re anything like me, as we enter the third month of social distancing and staying at home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, your emotions are likely running the gamut from stressed and despondent to antsy and anxious…and everything in between. Most everyone can agree that keeping away from friends and loved ones […]

Eat your vegetables…but take your multivitamin, too

When you were little, you were probably told countless times by your mom to eat your veggies. Just like your mom’s mom told her to eat her veggies. If you have a child or grandchild of your own, I’m sure you implore them to do the same. The reason for generations of parents “sounding like […]

The blood sugar all-star no one is talking about

The article below was written for Newport Natural Health by Robert Iafelice, MS, RD, LDN. Learn more about Robert and our other experts here. According to recent statistics from the CDC, nearly half of American adults have either diabetes or prediabetes!1 To make matters worse, the presence of diabetes confers a 2- to 4-fold increased […]

Can supplements help combat COVID-19?

With the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) hitting its peak in some states this week—and with peaks projected in the coming weeks throughout the rest of the country—researchers and pharmaceutical companies are working at lightning speed to develop a vaccine and a cure for this deadly virus. Several possibilities are being explored in this arena, and we […]

The simplest way to protect yourself from disease

If there’s one thing I think we can all agree on, it’s the importance of oxygen. Unfortunately, air pollution is affecting the quality of the oxygen you breathe. And that means that you’re in danger of not getting enough of this vital substance to support good health. Is oxygen really that important? Absolutely! Without it, […]

4 ways to stop joint pain without elective surgery

If you are in need of joint pain relief — whether from an injury or some form of arthritis — you know what a miserable experience it can be. Hobbling everywhere gets old quickly, as does taking pain relievers every few hours. But there are plenty of ways to handle the all-too-common situation of painful […]

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