Quail Egg Powder: The Top Natural Allergy Fighter


If you spend every spring or autumn sneezing, coughing, and rubbing itchy/watery eyes, you’re not alone. Seasonal allergies affect roughly 20% of the population, and that number is only getting higher every year. 

Why? Well, allergy season is starting earlier than ever these days, and it’s even migrating to areas of the country that historically have experienced fewer complaints of allergies. 

The only people on the planet who are rejoicing over this are pharmaceutical executives. Estimates show that the allergy treatment market brought in $24.65 billion in 2017. It’s projected to reach more than $40 billion by 2025!1

To be fair, traditional allergy medications are pretty effective at offering temporary relief from symptoms. But they do come with some drawbacks: drowsiness, dry mouth, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, blurred vision, confusion, restlessness, and upset stomach.

If traditional meds don’t work for you, or if you just can’t tolerate the side effects, you have plenty of other options. Supplements like butterbur, quercetin, and stinging nettles offer similar relief, but usually with fewer (or no) unpleasant side effects.

But some of the best drug-free allergy protection comes from a supplement that you may not know about, but definitely should: quail egg powder.

How Do Allergies Come to Be?

To understand how both drugs and supplements offer allergy relief, it’s helpful to know what happens in your body when you inhale an allergen.

Once an irritant like pollen enters your nostrils, your body releases IgE antibodies into the bloodstream. These antibodies combine with mast cells, which are storage sites for histamine, leukotrienes, and prostaglandins—all compounds involved in the inflammatory process. The antibodies activate the release of these chemicals, which tells your immune system to attack.

This reaction is designed to be a protective, but in the case of allergies, it’s essentially a miscommunication. Your immune system sees allergens like pollen as “dangerous” when they’re really not.

And with that, allergy symptoms begin.

Quail Egg Powder to the Rescue

Discovering the powers of quail egg powder against allergies was actually a bit of an accident…or at least unintentional.

In the 1970s, a French doctor noticed that farmers who raised quails suffered from allergies far less than the general public. He began giving raw quail eggs to his patients with allergies and noticed they felt much better.

It turns out, quail eggs contain ovomucoid proteins, which block protease enzymes in inhaled allergens. This prevents the allergens from settling in nasal passages, which therefore prevents the release of IgE antibodies and the resulting cascade of events that leads to symptoms.

Not long after this initial discovery, researchers and doctors, under the direction of allergist Dr. G. Bruttmann, began larger human trials on the effects of quail eggs on allergies and asthma.

In one of those studies, 180 children with dust mite induced asthma were treated with either a proprietary quail egg powder preparation or placebo for 22 months. At the end of the study period, there was a 77.7% reduction in the number of asthma attacks and a nearly 59% reduction in the use of rescue inhalers.2

In another study, 160 adults with pollen allergies took the same quail egg powder preparation or placebo for eight months. In the treatment group, there was a statistically significant decrease in the intensity of rhinitis compared to placebo. By the third month, 70% had no symptoms.3

Yet another eight-month study, this time of 180 adults with pollen allergies, ended with very similar results. By the third month, 80% in the treatment group were symptom free.4

In a more recent clinical trial, 43 people were exposed to common indoor and outdoor allergens, including grass and tree pollen, dust mites, and animal dander. They then immediately took two tablets of either the quail egg supplement as the previous studies, or placebo.

Those who took the quail egg experienced significant relief from nasal symptoms (stuffy/runny nose) and itchy/watery eyes within just 15 minutes. Even better, they had no adverse reactions.5

The only caveat: Research shows that, for best results, you should start taking quail egg powder about one month before you expect to experience allergy symptoms. As it builds up in your system, it prevents allergens from “sticking” to your nasal passages.

 Quail egg powder is available online, but it’s not as readily available as some other allergy supplements. But if you are interested in trying it, look no further than Newport Natural Health’s Breathe EZ product. Quail egg powder is the main ingredient in this highly effective allergy formulation.

Remember, for the best results, start taking it now to prevent allergy misery from truly taking hold. That way, you can stop and smell the flowers this season—without sneezing all over them.


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