PQQ Improves Memory and Thinking


One of the biggest fears among seniors is a loss of independence, especially as it relates to one’s mental faculties.

They say, “The mind is the first thing to go,” and They aren’t too far off.

As we age, our mitochondria, the tiny energy-producing generators in every cell in your body, just don’t pump out energy like they used to. Some stop functioning outright!

It’s no wonder that age is typically associated with increased fatigue and decreased mental energy.

In fact, when a recent study compared the power generators of a 90 year old man to those of a five year old, the man’s were about 95% damaged while the five year old showed almost no damage at all.

What Is PQQ?

Scientists have recently discovered a natural compound that not only powers up your mitochondria; it helps create more of them per cell.

This miracle compound is called PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone). And when it comes to protecting your cells from free radical damage, PQQ is much more effective than your average anti-oxidant.

Benefits Of PQQ

PQQ can help shield your brain from everyday damage, plus it helps offset some of the toxic neurotransmitters that lead to devastating disorders like Alzheimer’s and Lou Gehrig’s disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS).

But there’s another, even more important reason to make PQQ part of your daily regimen.

As I mentioned earlier, your mitochondria are the microscopic energy factories that power up to 95 percent of your body’s activities.

For most people, about half their mitochondria are failing by age 70, causing fatigue, immune system disorders, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and neurological conditions, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Dysfunctional mitochondria are the reason a frail, elderly person struggles to walk across a room, something that takes a five-year-old about two seconds.

And until recently, scientists believed that once your mitochondria die off, there’s nothing that could be done to bring them back.

It turns out they were wrong!

Researchers now know that PQQ can actually generate brand new mitochondria in your cells.

It’s a process called mitochondrial biogenesis, and it actually gives your brain cells – as well as the rest of your body – a whole new lease on life.

Not only does PQQ combat the free radicals that can damage brain cells, it helps your cells develop brand-new mitochondria, putting the brakes on brain cell malfunctions that can occur during aging.

And, although PQQ is a naturally occurring compound found in plant foods like papaya, green peppers, kiwi, green tea, and parsley, it’s just not possible to get enough PQQ from food alone.

PQQ Supplements

But as PQQ’s powers gain more widespread exposure, PQQ supplements are becoming easier to find.

I recommend starting with a daily dose of 5 mg of a product with enhanced bioavailability and gradually working up to about 40 mg every day.

My patient, Patty, found that PQQ supplements suited her well, too. “I’m so impressed with the PQQ,” she told me after taking it for a few weeks. “I feel so alert and awake, it’s remarkable! I’ve cut way back on the amount of coffee I drink now, because I just don’t need it anymore.”

But according to Patty, improvements in her memory and learning abilities were the real benefits. “I was having serious concerns about my forgetfulness,” she said. “It’s pretty scary when you can’t remember whether or not you took medication that day or where you hid the spare house key.

“My daughter kept teasing me, and telling me she was going to send me to an old folks’ home. But I’m so much better now! I’ve got lots more energy and enthusiasm for everything. The retirement home is just going to have to get along without me for a few more years.”



Last Updated: August 3, 2021
Originally Published: June 18, 2014