Women’s Health

There are many health conditions that affect women, like breast cancer and anything having to do with pregnancy and menopause. get the latest information on the most common health issues that women face.

Control the End of Your Life

grandparent couple with a baby
In these letters, I spend most of my effort helping you be the healthiest version of yourself possible. But there is a slightly different issue I want to deal with today. It’s a crucial one—one that each of us will face at some point. But one that most people avoid at all costs. I’m talking […]

Romantic partners’ health is related

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It’s well established that an active social life can prolong your life and protect your health. “Social life” usually means activities with others outside of the home, or with people other than your spouse in the home. But recent research adds a new dimension—and new importance—to the “social” dynamic that plays out between just you […]

Women’s Serious Heart Problems

20160704 woman heart attack shutterstock_360033587
Do you know the biggest killer of women? You’d be forgiven if you answered breast cancer, or one of the other commonly-discussed diseases. But you’d be wrong. No—the true culprit is something rarely discussed. Nearly one out of every four women dies of heart disease—or about ten times as many as succumb to breast cancer. […]

Avoid Unnecessary Mastectomies

breast cancer awareness volunteers in a park
For women with early stage breast cancer, it’s a very difficult choice. There’s mastectomy—entire removal of one or both breasts—or there’s less invasive “breast-conserving surgery” (BCS), which aims to remove only the cancerous cells. A recent survey found that mastectomies increased by 36 percent from 2005 to 2013—from 66 per 100,000 women to 90 per […]

How to Have Great Sex

couple embracing on the beach
Send the kids or grandkids out of the room. Put away all your work for a moment. If you have a delicate constitution, you might want to avert your eyes. Because today, we’re going to talk about sex. In our puritanical society, sex is often treated as a dirty secret. And, ironically, as we age, […]

Drugs for Women’s Low Libido Don’t Satisfy

20160224 addyi shutterstock_219909709
I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but a controversial new medicine was just approved by the FDA. The drug, which will be called Addyi, is being dubbed the female Viagra. But, if you’ve got any of the problems that Addyi would treat, I’ve got much better advice for you at the end of today’s article. […]

Elder Abuse: Protect Your Loved Ones

20160120 elder abuse shutterstock_311715482
That there are people who prey on older people is truly heartbreaking. Especially when abuse is perpetrated by presumed caregivers, family, or fellow residents of a care facility. But it’s happening more frequently than ever, according to the US Adult Protective Services (APS), which is usually the first service notified of abuse. And it’s only […]

STIs in the Elderly: Risk and Prevention

man and woman kissing
Many of my senior patients come to me with a long list of concerns. The aches and pains of aging can set off plenty of worries. And there are more than a few legitimate health risks that increase with age. But there’s one epidemic hitting the elderly population that very few know about. Sexually Transmitted […]

PTSD Increases Women’s Heart Risk

upset woman
Once again, what we’ve known intuitively forever has just earned science’s seal of approval. In the first major women-only study looking at the connection between post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the onset of cardiovascular disease, researchers followed some 50,000 women over 20 years. Their key findings: Traumatic experiences affect women—and their cardiovascular health—more seriously than […]

Diabetes Increases Heart Risks

20150206 women diabetes heart disease shutterstock_208880872
Diabetes is one of the scariest epidemics of our time. I’ve personally treated thousands of diabetic patients over the years. They make up just a small fraction of the 29 million Americans—and 387 million worldwide—who live with this disease. Diabetes affects every inch of your body in some way. It puts your kidneys, nerves, eyes, […]

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