Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 (choelaciferol) is known as the sunshine vitamin, because your body manufactures it from exposure to sunlight. Naturally occurring dietary sources are beef, liver, and egg yolks, while dairy products and orange juice are often fortified with Vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency causes big problems with bone health, including softened bones (rickets) and osteoporosis (fragile, brittle bones). Vitamin D3 works with calcium and magnesium to keep your bones in good health. It also works to improve muscle tone, preventing the falls which can lead to fractures.

Studies have shown that antioxidant, anti-inflammatory Vitamin D is associated with lowered risks for colon, prostate, and breast cancers; macular degeneration; chronic pain; multiple sclerosis; and Alzheimer’s disease. It also supports good heart health and protects against immune disorders.

Vitamin D & Other Treatments for SAD

Woman on a Park Bench
For many physicians, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is an ailment that flies under the radar, so it’s easy to see how it can be overlooked or mistaken for something else. The symptoms, which occur in women far more often than men, include: Feelings of sadness Loss of initiative or motivation Low energy or fatigue Increased […]

Vitamin D & Melatonin Help with SAD

Happy Older Woman
Many of my patients have been to multiple doctors without getting good results. So, it’s not at all unusual for me to see a patient who has been diagnosed and treated for several different illnesses and still is miserable. That was the case with Elinor, a delightful, 80-something lady whose daughter Tracy brought her to […]

Should You Wear Sunscreen? Know the Risks

woman sunbathing
Maybe you saw the recent story about a man who burst into flames after applying sunscreen. Yes, it really happened, and to more than just one person. Some spray-on sunscreens are flammable, so people who apply it before going out to the barbecue grill or other open flame are in danger of catching on fire. […]

How to Make Bones Strong: Foods, Tips & Supplements that Work

Strong bones are our best friends, allowing us to stay mobile and active. But, like so many other health conditions, accurate information about what makes and keeps bones strong and healthy is hard to find. Calcium is a good example. The dairy industry spends millions of dollars every year to convince us that their products […]

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