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Vitamins & Supplements

Natural supplements are growing in popularity, and formulas are becoming more effective. If you are searching for natural ways to stay healthy or manage medical conditions, natural supplements are a great alternative to prescription drugs.

The dangers of taking prescription drugs are becoming more widely known, and people are trending more toward using natural solutions like vitamins and supplements.

The most popular supplements today include curcumin as an anti-inflammatory and improve your overall health, omega-3s (fish oil) to keep your heart healthy, melatonin to help with sleep issues, CoQ10 for brain health and memory enhancement and vitamin D for healthy bones.

There are even effective natural supplements like Prelox® to help treat ED in men.

Reading Supplement Labels to Learn Their True Benefits

Supplement facts label on an open bottle
“Wow, do I really need all of those?” That’s often my patients’ reaction when I tell them how many supplements I consider essential. I’ll explain why they’re so important, but that’s not the whole story. When you’re looking at 10 different multi-vitamin formulations online or on a drug store shelf, it’s hard to know which […]

Reducing Drug Waste

U.S. Capitol Building
Billions of dollars out of our taxpaying pockets go down the drain, thanks to Big Pharma. Unnecessary stress results for millions of Big Pharma drug users. A new bill under consideration in Congress—the Reducing Drug Waste Act of 2017 —can fix this, so I urge you to raise your voice in support. This not just […]

10 Pill Reminders So You Never Forget Your Vitamins Again

several pill bottles
Studies show that about 50 percent of people prescribed medications don’t take them as recommended by their doctors. About half of that non-compliance is intentional, meaning the patients don’t want to take them, the drugs are too expensive to buy, etc. The other half of the “non-compliers” need a pill reminder because they just forget. […]

Curcumin and arthritis: How to stop pain with this turmeric derivative

woman knitting
What Is Arthritis? Arthritis Treatments What is Curcumin? Curcumin Reduces Pain and Inflammation Curcumin Dosage for Arthritis If you have osteoarthritis, then you know pain. This debilitating condition affects nearly a quarter of adults in America (upwards of 54 million people). And more than $80 billion dollars is spent every year on treating arthritis—usually with […]

10 Ways Probiotics Fights Diabetes

America’s diabetes epidemic won’t end anytime soon. Sadly, I have no silver bullet to stop that runaway train. But I can tell you where there’s promise, and offer my advice to diabetics and those at risk, so they can put up a fight. It’s not all gloom and doom. Indeed, research pours in every day […]

Fix Your B12 Deficiency

The human body is an amazing machine, capable of regulating itself under extreme duress. It can raise its own temperature to fight illness. Your joints can predict rainy weather. Your brain is both a turbine of cognitive function and a near-infinite warehouse of memory. Find anything built by humans that can do those things and […]

Safe Supplement Combinations

A lot of people write in with questions about how and when to take their supplements, if they should worry about their supplements interacting with their medications, and what vitamins cannot be taken together. There are plenty of concerns when it comes to interactions between drugs and certain drug/supplement combos. But the good news is […]

5 Best Supplements for Health

The supplements aisle. Hundreds of bottles of pills, powders and extracts stacked on top of each other. Each one promises something different than the other while claiming how important they are for your health. Where do you begin? Which supplements do you really you need? I hear these questions a lot in my practice. So, […]

Do you need Omega-6 or Omega-9?

Should you be taking one of the popular omega-6 or omega-9 supplements with your omega-3s? So many choices, claims, and promises. The ideal ratio of 3 to 6 to 9? Disputed. The “perfectly balanced” dose? Depends. My advice? Just stick with your omega-3s. Perfect isn’t there The fact that supplement producers disagree wildly on what […]

Natural anti-aging supplements

Most of us don’t really fear aging in and of itself—we fear looking and feeling old. We fear losing our faculties and our independence. We fear looking older than other people our age. And there’s a multi-billion dollar market chock-full of “anti-aging” lotions, pills, and potions that profits heartily from our collective fears. And while […]

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