Magnesium is a mineral essential in more than 300 chemical processes throughout the body. Many Americans are low in magnesium. Dietary sources include nuts, artichokes, spinach, swiss chard, bran cereal, and other high-fiber foods.

Magnesium’s most impressive effects may be in its benefits to heart health, particularly blood pressure. It helps relax blood vessels and regulated the action of your heart muscle.

In addition, it is essential to the proper absorption of calcium to maintain good bone health. Furthermore, magnesium has benefits for preventing hearing loss and dealing with tinnitus. It can also lessen the severity and frequency of migraine headaches.

Can Magnesium Prevent Migraines

I prefer a non-toxic approach to healing. That means starting with gentle solutions like nutrients or herbs, instead of harsh prescription medication. So, I recommended that my patient, Grace take a few nutritional supplements that have successfully tamed the migraine monster for other patients. Reluctantly, she agreed. Then came the hard part. Based on her […]

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