Chromium is a mineral needed for proper energy. Those who are diabetic or elderly may have trouble getting enough from their diet. The most common sources for chromium are meats, cheeses, molasses, whole grains, coffee, tea, potato skins, and beer.

Chromium is especially important if you have blood sugar control concerns, as it helps stabilize blood sugar by moving glucose from the bloodstream to your cells, as well as helping you to digest your food.

Chromium additionally supports heart healthy by decreasing your risk for coronary artery disease and helping maintain correct cholesterol levels.

Further, chromium can help you fend off osteoporosis, as it slows the loss of calcium from the body

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Chromium is a lustrous, hard, brittle metal element that was long believed to be highly toxic to humans (and certain forms are). But today we know that the trivalent form of this trace mineral is absolutely crucial to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Yet up to 90% of Americans are deficient. In studies, rats fed […]

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The “diabesity epidemic” is a good example of how overall health has declined in recent years. “Diabesity” is the name given to the ever-growing number of people being diagnosed with dual health challenges — excess weight and difficulties with blood sugar management. These two conditions go hand in hand. And they are wreaking havoc on […]