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Vision & Hearing

Vision and hearing are two of our most important senses. It’s how we take in the world around us, and ensuring that you maintain good eyesight and hearing throughout your life will help you as you age.

Cataracts: Causes and Natural Prevention

woman wearing sunglasses to protect her eyes from cataracts
Worldwide, cataracts are the second leading cause of visual impairment, after refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, etc.). They’re extremely common, affecting half of all Americans by the time they reach age 80. But common doesn’t mean inevitable. There are many things you can do to prevent cataracts from forming. But before getting into that, it’s […]

Eye Problems for Diabetics: Preventing Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes affects roughly 30 million people, and another 84 million have prediabetes—glucose levels that are elevated, but not high enough to be considered full-blown diabetes. And 40% of Americans with diabetes will also suffer from diabetic retinopathy, the most common cause of vision loss among those with diabetes. If you or someone you love has diabetes, you cannot afford to miss out on this eye-protecting information.

The 6 best vision-saving practices for aging eyes

We rely on our eyesight nearly all hours of the day, yet I’m willing to bet that too many of us take our eyes for granted. My days are busy, but if I didn’t have my eyes to guide me, I don’t know what I’d do! I bring this up because your eyes aren’t invincible—far […]

Stay social, stay healthy—it’s that simple

We can’t put off growing older. Days come and go.  But we can put off feeling older by simply staying socially active. But here’s a question I’m often asked. Dr. Connealy, sometimes I just don’t feel like being around people.  Is there something wrong with me?   Well, it depends on why you feel that […]

Ease Your Computer Eyestrain

woman covering her eyes to deal with eye strain
We’ve all been told that it’s not polite to stare—but it’s not inherently unhealthy. Just rude. However, the same is not true if you’re staring at a computer, cell phone, tablet, or e-reader. The American Optometric Association tells us that the average American worker spends seven hours a day on the computer. I’ll bet the […]

Prevent Macular Degeneration with Supplements

close up on blue eye
Impaired vision and total blindness are far more common than most people realize. In fact, more people lose vision to some degree than lose hearing or cognitive function. I don’t know why so little attention is paid to what can be a very serious problem. Especially when the most common form of impaired vision is […]

8 Vitamins for Eye Health

Close up on woman's eyes
When I was growing up, my mother always told me to eat my carrots. Carrots are great for your eyes, she would say. They’ll help you see well at night. Today, I know she was absolutely right. The beta-carotene in carrots is essential for eye health. But it turns out that the link between nutrition […]

Hearing Aids for Emotional Wellbeing

Too many people deal with hearing loss by turning up the TV or accusing others of mumbling. This is classic denial behavior. I see it in my patients all the time, and it creates real problems for the person with hearing loss, as well as their family members. But there are good solutions—so hear me […]

Preserve Your Hearing with Supplements and Ear Plugs

man with a hand cupping his ear
Misunderstanding directions, constantly asking people to repeat themselves, avoiding noisy restaurants and social events — these are just a few of the issues created by hearing difficulties. I am not a hearing specialist or otolaryngologist, but I have counseled enough patients with difficulty hearing to know that this is an invisible health problem that has […]

Parkinson’s Disease: Symptoms, Risks, and Prevention

Senior man sitting on a wooden bench and looking at camera, in a park
If you know someone with Parkinson’s disease, you know how difficult it can be to live with this illness. Often, Parkinson’s begins with tiny, almost imperceptible changes – a bit of tremor in the hand, anxiety, constipation, stiff muscles, movements that feel slow or heavy, the sensation that a leg or foot is “dragging,” depression, […]

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