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Stress & Mood

Stress, anxiety and mood are becoming bigger issues for Americans as we find ourselves working harder and longer hours. Stress plays a much bigger role in your overall health than you may realize. These articles detail that connection, and provide some healthy ways to manage those ever-increasing stress levels.

4 natural ways to reduce the symptoms of stress

Hardly a day goes by when you’re not reminded of the importance of “chilling out” and learning how to let go of stress…or at least find healthier ways of wading through it. There’s a good reason for this. All stressful situations trigger a cascade of hormonal and physiological changes in your body. When it senses […]

Omega-3s and Anxiety

Anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges have grown to epidemic levels worldwide. But they’re more prevalent in the US than in any other country in the world. Both genetics and environmental factors undoubtedly are involved in this complicated issue, but the modern Western diet is another big factor. Elements of this diet not only […]

The key to preventing chronic loneliness during the holidays

If you’re looking for a wonderful gift for someone special just look in the mirror. It’s your own good self. The holidays can be a challenging time for those living alone. Especially while most of the world sings about sharing, family, and friends. But here are a few simple ways to kick the blues, increase your social interaction and give your “feel good” hormones a natural boost.

Alternatives to Medications that Cause Depression

The United States is a very medicated nation. While these medications may be helping you physically, there’s a good chance that they are also hurting you mentally. A recent landmark study showed that 1 in 3 adults takes a medication linked to depression. That’s more than 82 million people—and that number is growing. Learn if you’re taking one of these potentially harmful medications and the natural solutions available to help you taper off or discontinue them altogether.

Magnolia bark’s health benefits for sleep, anxiety, and more

Asian art is rich with images of a tranquil, natural world. Clear spring waters and blossoming trees, none as lovely as the beautiful magnolia. Imagine gazing on these images as you lie down for sleep, like a lullaby for your eyes. We now know that the sweet magnolia tree gives us a natural, herbal “lullaby” that really can help you into a deep, restful sleep. Read on and learn the sleepy secrets contained in this tranquil-looking tree.

Finding Mental Health Help

Couple giving each other mental health help
According to the CDC, about 50% of Americans will experience a mental illness or disorder in their lifetime. Yet, there’s still a heavy stigma associated with mental illness that has long prevented millions of people from seeking and receiving mental health help. Learn how to find the help you need.

4 signs of depression in older adults hidden in plain sight

There are a lot of things that are normal consequences of aging. Some gray hair is not all that unexpected. The need for reading glasses usually comes as no surprise. Even occasional aches and pains are pretty typical. But one thing that is not a normal part of aging? Depression. Unfortunately, statistics show that about […]

Caregiver Self-Care is Important

According to a new study from the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 10 million people will die from cancer in 2018 and an additional 18.1 million new cases of cancer will develop this year. I admit that I felt a lump in my throat after reading that for the first time. Table of Contents What […]

5 Best Mood-Boosting Supplements

If your mood is less than bright, and it’s become more than an occasional feeling, before turning to those prescription drugs, check out these amazing natural marvels to boost your mood, brighten your day and chase away those blues…at a fraction of the price and with very low risk of side effects.

75 Year Study Reveals a Lifetime of Happiness

Male friends experiencing happiness by playing music
Can money buy a lifetime of happiness? What about living in a big, beautiful house, or driving the coolest car on the block? Can fame do it? How about taking exotic vacations, or pursuing a rewarding career? Sure, all of those things could probably give you a certain amount of happiness. They may even make […]

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