Stress & Mood

Stress, anxiety and mood are becoming bigger issues for Americans as we find ourselves working harder and longer hours. Stress plays a much bigger role in your overall health than you may realize. These articles detail that connection, and provide some healthy ways to manage those ever-increasing stress levels.

Manage ADD/ADHD Naturally

Over the past few years, I’ve seen an increase in patients who come in worried that they have ADHD, or ADD (they’re basically the same thing, with different names). Nothing has changed—the world isn’t suddenly creating more ADHD victims. However, as knowledge about this disorder has increased, more people are starting to realize that they’ve […]

Family and Friends Prolong Life

We humans are social creatures by nature, not so different from our primate ancestors eons ago. It’s in our genes that we’re more likely to not just survive, but also to thrive in health and wellness when we work together. The loneliness epidemic When nearly half of US adults are “lonely,” there’s clearly something wrong: […]

Curcumin and Mental Health

What if there’s a “cure” for depression? Not another Big Pharma, medication-for-life antidepressant with wicked side effects—but a natural, safe, plant-based cure, as in “no more depression—it’s over, here’s your life back—go and enjoy.” Rocking the bedrock It is largely accepted that depression is caused by an imbalance of chemicals, particularly serotonin and norepinephrine, in […]

Resolve to Thrive in Health and Wellness

At this time of the year, I like to switch gears a bit, and tell you not just how to “thrive in health and wellness,” as I like to put it. In addition, I’ll remind you why that should be a priority in your new year’s resolutions and throughout your life. Let’s set a goal […]

Fight Stress by Removing Stress

I spend a lot of time in my practice—and in these pages—talking about effective ways to deal with stress. After all, stress is incredibly bad for you—and it’s unavoidable. That said, sometimes the best way to deal with stress is to avoid it altogether. Cutting stress out of your life isn’t easy. It requires you […]

Making Friends as an Adult

Friendship is one of the most important parts of life. Along with family, friends claim, perhaps, the most valuable slot in life. Truly, friends are what make life worth living. However, friendship goes even deeper than that—in fact, friendship is inextricably linked to your health, both mental and physical. As you mature, grow, and change, […]

Stress Disrupts Digestion

Please, right now, take a deep breath…and then exhale slowly…and then let your shoulders relax. Good—you’ve just un-stressed, and protected your all-important digestive system against this pervasive health threat. Yes, it’s that simple, and it’s that important. A little hurts. A lot can kill. We all know that stress is a major source of disease. […]

Healthy Ways to Process Grief

It’s safe to say you’ve experienced the pain of grief at some point in your life. We’ve all been there at some point, or will be. So let me share my thoughts on healthy ways to manage, even eliminate, your pain. It’s important to start out by connecting two dots. Grief is an emotional experience. […]

Staying Stressed Out Is Unhealthy

I get a bit stressed out when I write about stress. It’s so terribly damaging to so many people. But there are surefire, natural, stress management techniques that can reduce and even eliminate stress, even when it’s chronic. Stress: a review First, let’s remember that not all stress is bad. If you wake up one […]

Raise your self-esteem with positive self-talk

Research is increasingly telling us that mood and attitude can be the difference between health and illness, even life and death. So, I’m going to tell you where negative attitudes originate and how to squash them with positive thinking…and maybe even increase your lifespan! Your two brains First premise: there are two different parts of […]

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