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Joint Pain

Joint pain is a common issue with people struggle with as they age. Whether it’s from old sports injuries, vitamin deficiencies or any other medical condition, like arthritis; there are a lot of things you can do to help yourself stay active and healthy. The articles below are great sources of information about the health of your joints.

Three Natural Ways to Avoid Knee Surgery

As you age, the odds increase that one of your major joints—like your knee or hip—will cause you problems. Often, the root issue is arthritis, but that’s not the only one. Old injuries, overuse, or poor diet can all lead to joint stress. For most, once the pain is too much, joint replacement surgery usually […]

What is UC-II® collagen?

UC-II® is an exciting new collagen compound showing tremendous promise in the world of natural joint health, offering drug-free, side-effect-free improvements in joint comfort, flexibility and mobility for patients with both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. UC-II® is not the same type of collagen you hear about in cosmetics and injections. That type of collagen is […]

Natural Joint Repair

Woman exercising on a matt
A few weeks ago, I met with a new patient named Terry. She came to me, as many people do, because conventional medicine failed her. You see, four years ago at the age of 55, she started experiencing pain, soreness, and stiffness in her joints—especially in her knees and fingers. All hallmark signs of osteoarthritis, […]

Chair Exercises: Everyone Can Exercise

People exercising while sitting on balls
I met a patient I’ll call Scott when I was giving a speech about healthy living at a local health food store. The talk focused on things we should all do every day to stay healthy, things like eating real, whole food, getting plenty of sleep, and the one no one wants to hear about—exercising. […]

Prescription painkillers cause overdose and addiction

older gentleman ponders a table full of drugs
Each and every day, 46 Americans die from the same cause. That’s nearly 17,000 lives lost in one year. All of these deaths are completely preventable. I’m not talking about a dangerous new virus, out of control bacteria, or exotic disease. The problem is an accidental overdose of prescription painkillers called opioids, synthetic versions of […]

Cure Acidosis and Inflammation, Root Causes of Disease

man and woman eating watermelon
During the twenty-plus years I’ve been a practicing physician, I’ve seen quite a few patients who were frustrated with their doctors’ failure to help make them well. Tired of misdiagnoses and ineffective treatments, they come to me with a wide range of serious ailments, including heart disease, diabetes, fatigue, digestive problems, kidney stones, gout – […]

Lupus — My Recommended Treatment

woman exercising in park
It starts with a butterfly-shaped rash on the face. Then comes the fatigue, joint pain, fever, weight loss, headaches, swelling, and sensitivity to light. The diagnosis: systemic lupus erythematosus, better known as lupus. This autoimmune disease tricks the body into attacking itself, as if your own body were a dangerous enemy. Lupus can cause painful […]

5 Natural Gout Treatments

Have you ever had a condition that was so painful, you woke up in the middle of the night in agony? If so, then you know what Anthony was experiencing. A long-time patient, Anthony was not big on following my advice. He would try things I recommended – eating more vegetables, cutting back on alcohol, […]

Peripheral Artery Disease Symptoms and Treatment

Sometimes I wonder how mainstream medicine has gotten so far off track. These days, the hospitals and big medical practices are more concerned about making money than in keeping people healthy. Here’s the situation – as many as 80 million Americans have heart disease. Tens of millions more suffer from diabetes, putting them at high […]

Curcumin Fixes Joint Pain and Inflammation

an older woman's doctor examines her elbow
Joint pain is one of the most common complaints I hear about from my patients. In fact, some estimates state that one-third of all adults experience joint pain every month. The areas most affected are the neck, knees, hips, shoulder, and ankles. It can also occur in the joints of the fingers and toes, and […]

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