Pain Relief

Pain can effect all parts of the human body. Most pain in the body comes from inflammation. The most common types of pain in need of relief include back pain, arthritis, bone pain and stomach aches.

Gingivitis Threatens Your Health

20161214 gingivitis shutterstock_115133911
Most people think of their mouths as a separate system. Mouths have dentists, not doctors. They’re made up of teeth and gums, not organs. Most folks don’t think their mouth really affects the rest of the body or their health. Only one problem—that’s not true at all. Your mouth’s health is integrally connected to the […]

Prevent Osteoporosis Naturally

20161209 osteoporosis shutterstock_335645558
Osteoporosis—weakening of the bones—comes with some unhappy lose-lose scenarios. The disease can cripple you—but so can the conventional treatments. Fortunately, you can safely reduce your risk of osteoporosis and its severity and symptoms, with simple yet powerful lifestyle and diet changes. Breaking down osteoporosis Big Pharma has a LOT of people to sell drugs to. […]

Natural Heartburn Relief

20161207 heartburn shutterstock_405044392
Inside your body is an environment so hostile, you’d burn up if you had to live in it. It’s your stomach, a roiling inferno of harsh acids—which are the source of heartburn.  In a healthy body, they’re well controlled. Heartburn happens when some of those acids escape the protection of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). […]

Improve Mobility by Walking

20161102 walking for mobility shutterstock_421952293
Most people think of exercise as a way to maintain health, strength, and flexibility. But the truth is, it’s much more than that. Of course, there’s nothing better than exercise when it comes to being healthy—but, it turns out, there’s nothing better than exercise when it comes to regaining health as well. And when I […]

Three Natural Ways to Avoid Knee Surgery

20161014 knee pain shutterstock_214059364
As you age, the odds increase that one of your major joints—like your knee or hip—will cause you problems. Often, the root issue is arthritis, but that’s not the only one. Old injuries, overuse, or poor diet can all lead to joint stress. Most of my patients with these problems fear going to the doctor. […]

5 Natural Pain Relievers

20160923 natural pain relief shutterstock_234656971
When something hurts—headache, bruise, muscle strain—huge numbers of Americans “pop a Tylenol.” It’s one of the most popular OTC medicines ever. More than 20 billion doses are sold each year. And let’s be fair—it’s good at relieving pain. It’s also good at causing deadly liver damage. Too many Americans pop too much Tylenol at a […]

Natural Heartburn Relief

20160831 gerd shutterstock_332146844
Q: When is “just a little heartburn” not just a little heartburn? A: When it’s a lot of heartburn—happening twice a week or more, with the symptoms growing worse. Maybe it’s waking you up at night. And, especially, when those symptoms are accompanied by chest pain, chronic cough, or asthma. These are all symptoms of […]

Natural Kidney Stone Treatment

man clutching inflamed kidneys
Have you ever had kidney stones? Are you suffering from them right now? Do you know anyone who has ever suffered from them? Good news—you don’t have to suffer in silence. There are a number of effective, natural, non-invasive treatments that can help you break up kidney stones, and help prevent them from forming in […]

Acupuncture: An Explanation

20160318 acupuncture shutterstock_368400182
Acupuncture in the US is an unlikely success story. It’s widely embraced by both individuals and institutions—including the NFL and the US military. Not bad for a procedure once (and still) dismissed as a “theatrical placebo” and condemned as “does not work—for anything.” But try telling that to my patients and to the millions of […]

Improving Bone Strength Naturally

20160311 bone strength shutterstock_367902833
Recently, I told you about five ways to increase your balance, and decrease your risk of falling. Because, we have to face facts—no matter how active and aware you are, your balance will decrease with age. Which means, sooner or later, you’re going to stumble. The key is to make sure that your body can […]

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