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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can have a variety of causes. At its most basic level, erectile dysfunction occurs when blood is not able to flow into the penis in the necessary volume.

For this reason, taking care of your blood pressure and circulatory system as part of basic health is one of the first steps to maintaining complete sexual health. Sufficient sleep, water, and exercise are part of a lifestyle that will prevent circulatory problems. In addition, a diet high in organic fruits and vegetables, which includes healthy omega-3 oils and protein from nuts and legumes, will be of great benefit.

Supplements to take for the support of blood circulation include nattokinase, which prevents the hardening of blood vessels, and l-arginine, which promotes the production of nitric oxide, which contributes to the relaxation of artery walls.

Another potential cause of ED is hormone imbalance. All men should be regularly checked to make sure they have appropriate levels of testosterone, DHT, and estrogen, all of which are major factors in your sexual health.

Sean’s Testosterone Trouble

A few years ago, Sean came to my office with a complaint that has become more and more common. Although he was newly married, he was having what he referred to as performance problems in the bedroom. So naturally, he asked about a prescription for an erectile dysfunction (ED) drug. These requests are not unusual. […]

Supplements to Improve Circulation & Tips that Work

Are you feeling weary? Are your hands or feet chilly, numb, or tingly even though the weather is warm? Does it seem like you’re not thinking clearly? The problem could be poor circulation. The circulatory system — composed of the heart, arteries, veins, and smaller blood vessels — is the unsung hero of good health. […]

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