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Men’s Health

There are many health conditions that only affect men. Main concerns include prostate issues like cancer and BPH, low testosterone (Low-T) and erectile dysfunction. Learn what men can do to stay healthy.

Senescent Cells: The Little-Known Cause of Aging

Anti-aging is huge business. Countless creams, lotions and potions flood the market, promising to minimize the signs of age. Plastic surgeons and med-spas are never at a loss for business. These will never go away. All people—men and women—want to look and feel young and vibrant, no matter what their “real” age. But while these […]

Can these “healthy mouth bugs” keep your dentist happy?

When it comes to maintaining good oral and dental health, everyone knows the basics—brush twice a day, floss every night, and visit the dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups. But perhaps we need to add another important item to this list: Taking probiotics. It’s well known that having a diverse variety of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) […]

Fight Periodontal Disease with CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10 (or CoQ10 for short) is a vitamin-like antioxidant naturally produced by your body. It mainly resides in mitochondria—organelles in each and every cell responsible for breaking down nutrients and turning them into energy. This energy is especially important for the heart: the hardest-working muscle in the body. Because the heart beats 24/7 without […]

Plant Sterols Benefits for Cholesterol and Prostate Health

There is a white, waxy, naturally occurring substance found in many whole foods, including vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes that shows tremendous promise both for its ability to lower cholesterol (in studies it was just as effective as statins) AND reverse benign prostatic hyperplasia. It’s inexpensive, easy to find and works wonders without a single side effect. Get the whole story here.

Reishi Mushrooms Prostate and Other Health Benefits

Reishi Mushrooms
Daily intake of “superfoods” can have a profoundly positive impact on your health. And today I want to show you something that’s both a superfood and adaptogen—something that’s been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years to decrease inflammation, fight anxiety, boost your immune system, help lull you to sleep and much more. But right now science is turning its attention to this “wonder fungus” because of its ability to fight prostate cancer.

Genetic Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

older man doing pushups in the gym
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most common sex-related problem men report to their doctors. As many as 30 million men have it, and it’s totally normal to experience erectile problems from time to time…but when it becomes progressive or more frequent occurrences, it indicates a problem. But while we used to assume that problem was always related to heart and circulatory problems, medications or psychological issues…new research shows it may actually be genetic. And that means new treatments may soon be available to help more men.

Manopause: How to fight the hormone dropoff and restore vitality and health

Testosterone is your manliest hormone. It’s the hormone that fuels your muscle growth, facial hair, energy level, sex drive, and deep voice. It’s what makes a man feel like a man. But as you get older, testosterone levels slowly drop and a host of symptoms can begin to take hold. Your mood can swing a […]

Men’s and women’s symptoms differ for the same disease

Man and woman dancing on beach
News flash: Men and women are different. Before you roll your eyes and laugh, this really is a bit of a novel idea—at least in the medical field. You see, for centuries, men and women were treated the same when it came to disease prevention, diagnosis, and management. But today, we know this approach is […]

Men’s Health Month: Blog Post

June is Men’s Health Month. In observance, I hope you (or the man/men in your life) make it a point to make good health a top priority. I get it…no one loves going to the doctor. It can be nerve wracking, sometimes embarrassing, and often time consuming. But truly excellent health can only be achieved […]

Testicular cancer screening: How and Why To Protect Yourself

man standing on a stormy beach
Men: I am going to discuss something that may make you blush or get a little squeamish, but it’s important and you should take it seriously…the health of your testicles. April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month—and I, for one, am glad that there’s a month devoted to this form of cancer. Even though it’s relatively […]

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