A healthy immune system fights off assaults to your body from a wide range of enemies, including everything from virus and bacteria to cancer. These articles will give you insight into how you can boost your immune system and help fight off illness.

Asthma and the Hygiene Hypothesis

20151028 asthma microbiome shutterstock_174201476
Quick—what’s the first thing you think of when I say “bacteria?” If it’s, “Bacteria, ick! Must wash hands,” you would be wrong on two counts: While some bacteria are indeed icky, even dangerous, our health is hugely dependent on “good,” or “friendly” bacteria, called probiotics, that live in our gut, or biome. Recent research is […]

Antibiotic use increases diabetes risk

20151023 antibiotics diabetes shutterstock_89784175
How many times do I have to wave this flag? Antibiotics can be hazardous to your health. Researchers in Denmark have just shined new light on this warning—by finding a link between antibiotics use and the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. I’ve been saying forever that antibiotics wreak havoc in your gut, wiping out […]

5 Flu Prevention Plans

It’s official. As leaves turn orange, decorations get spooky, and the calendar flips to fall, my mind goes to a different dawning season. Flu season. Too many people don’t give the flu the respect it deserves. Which is scary, since we don’t have very good treatment options. The flu vaccine is a best-guess half-measure, leaving […]

Shingles Prevention and Treatment

upset woman in pain
Recently, I’ve had a lot of patients ask me about shingles. I blame Big Pharma. It’s impossible to watch TV these days without seeing some scare-tactic ad about the pain and danger of shingles. Which is always a lead-up to recommending the new shingles vaccine. The usefulness of that vaccine is up for debate, as […]

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms and Prevention

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) was long considered a progressive autoimmune disorder. This happens when our immune system, designed to fend off viruses, bad bacteria, and other threats, mistakenly attacks normal, healthy tissue. In the case of MS, the body attacks and destroys the protective covering around your nerve cells. It’s like removing the plastic coating of […]

Avian Flu: What’s It All About?

20150708 avian flu shutterstock_83215540
Here’s a scary name from the past that’s back in town again. Highly pathogenic avian influenza. Also known as bird flu, it’s back with a vengeance. As of June, 2015, some 46.8 million birds have been affected on 228 premises in 21 states. The outbreak is called “unprecedented” and the numbers are growing. But don’t […]

Healthy Microbiome Protects Against Deadly Disease

happy microbes
The virus you’ll want to catch When listening to the mainstream medical world, it probably sounds like everything microbial is out to get us. Our soaps come with “antibacterial” and “antimicrobial” stickers colorfully blazing away. More than one diet aims to flush out our systems, ridding us of outside invaders. And there are few words […]

Natural Mosquito Repellent: 4 Tips Without DEET

woman and girl walking in puddles
I love the summer. It’s a great time to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, the renewed life, the pleasant temperatures. However, for many of us, summertime also comes with an unwanted guest. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying—they’re dangerous. They carry all sorts of diseases, from malaria to West Nile to, recently, chikungunya. Chikungunya causes […]

Lyme Disease Risk and Treatment

woman walking in the woods
Philip K. was desperate when he walked into my office. It had been a few years since I’d seen him. Philip had been too healthy to need much help from me. But on this day, he was suffering from a serious problem. His hand was swollen—very swollen. To the point he couldn’t make a fist, […]

Adult Vaccines to Avoid: Flu, Shingles, HPV

20150424 vaccine adult shutterstock_129972356
It may have surprised you to read that I’m not totally against childhood vaccines. (I even had my own daughters vaccinated when they were babies.) However, my thoughts on certain other vaccines—the flu, shingles, and human papilloma virus (HPV)—aren’t as positive. While I do not flat-out refuse to immunize a patient against these diseases if […]

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