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Managing your cholesterol levels is critical to maintaining good cardiovascular health. There are good and bad types of cholesterol. Lifestyle and diet changes can help balance your good and bad cholesterol levels.

Lipid Panel: LDL Cholesterol

Free Book Excerpt: Your Blood Never Lies by James LaValle
An excerpt from the book, “Your Blood Never Lies: How to Read a Blood Test for a Longer, Healthier Life” by James B. LaValle, RPh, CCN, ND. Read additional excerpts or buy the whole book. LDL CHOLESTEROL Known as the “bad” cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins, or LDLs, carry the majority of cholesterol in the body (about […]

Bergamot: Health Oil

bergamot fruit and oil
When nature’s gifts and our endless human curiosity meet up, great things happen. Today’s star is the citrus fruit bergamot. So many health benefits from so little of its essential oil! Imagine that distant day in sunny Bergamo, Italy… “Marcello, what is this unknown fruit?” “Hmmm…he seems both a lemon and an orange.” “Such a […]

Carotid Arteries Risk

Many vitally important parts of your body are hidden deep inside you. Many more are too tiny to see without sophisticated imaging technology. Today’s two subjects are as easy to see as the nose on your face. In fact, they’re on both sides of your nose—running right up the outside of your neck. Your carotid […]

Supplements to Take with Statins

The drugs known as statins—the most widely prescribed drugs in the US—stake their claim to fame on their ability to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol. That’s the kind that gunks up your arteries and increases your risk of congestive heart failure and heart attack, among other bad situations. Lowered LDL is a good outcome for many […]

Avoid Dangerous Cholesterol Drugs

couple exercising
Another day, another potentially dangerous drug is foisted on the American public. This time, it’s a new type of cholesterol medicine called alirocumab. And, despite limited study, an FDA advisory committee overwhelmingly recommended the drug for use in the general public. This, despite the fact that the effects of alirocumab are little known, and may […]

Medication Overtreatment is Deadly

man and woman jogging in the woods
In an ideal world, medications would only be prescribed to cure an illness, or as a last resort to treat or manage a chronic condition. But unfortunately, that’s not the case these days. Many doctors just love whipping out the prescription pad. Diabetes? There are pills for that. High cholesterol? There are pills for that, […]

Healthy Cooking Oils

woman cooking at stove with oil
Food is my favorite medicine and my favorite drug, all at the same time. That’s why I tell my patients to cook for themselves as often as possible—with healthy cooking oils, used properly! You don’t have to eat at home every day. But if you have weight management problems, or a chronic health issue, like […]

Cholesterol is a Critical Nutrient

Older couple hiking
Cholesterol kills—everyone knows that, right? Americans A patient I’ll call Bruce came to my office after his twin brother suffered a heart attack. His brother survived, but Bruce had been with him when it happened and saw how close his brother came to losing his life. As a result, Bruce was very motivated and determined […]

Statin Myths and Real Heart Attack Prevention

Man eating an apple
Big Pharma wants you to take statins. Actually, they’d like all older adults to take these controversial, cholesterol-lowering drugs — whether or not they need them! And the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology both agree.  Which makes me wonder, what is wrong with these people? According to new guidelines, age is the […]

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Man staring at a plate full of pills
If you’re taking statin drugs to control cholesterol, you need to read this. From talking to patients, I’ve discovered that many people consider statins to be “miracle” drugs that allow them to eat anything they please without worrying about consequences. No wonder statins are the top selling prescription drugs in the country, with nearly half […]

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