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Skin Care

The skin is the largest human organ. It’s a fundamental part of your immune system. It keeps harmful microbes and toxins away from your organs, blood vessels, nerves, and viscera, and keeps water and other fluids inside. Regular exposure to sunshine, about 20 minutes a day without sunscreen, helps you produce necessary vitamin D3, which too many of my patients are deficient in.

Maintaining healthy skin starts with keeping well-hydrated. Sleep and exercise are also required to support your basic wellness regimen. Exercise supports circulation and reduces inflammation, both of which are also necessary for healthy skin.

Maintaining a proper nutritional profile for healthy skin is important, too. Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables for nutrients, as well as protein to serve as the building block for collagen, are of vital importance. Beta-carotene—from red, yellow, and orange plants; astaxanthin—from salmon, shrimp, lobster, and other red or pink seafood, and omega-3 essential fatty acids&mdashfrom olive oil and fatty fish, are some of the basics.

Detoxification plays a major role in protecting your skin. Avoiding the potentially toxic chemicals in many cosmetics and moisturizers is step one, and a reasonable detoxification regimen is step two. Don’t forget, after you get your 20 minutes of sun, use natural shade and loose-fitting clothes to protect you from UVA and UVB rays.

Clean the most polluted air, indoor air

woman preparing to use natural items to clean
As the weather turns colder, most of us are closing windows and doors, and sealing ourselves inside our homes. There’s nothing wrong with that—in theory. In practice, however, this time of year always makes me nervous. That’s because the air quality indoors tends to be horrible. In fact, the worst pollution is routinely found, not […]

Heat Stroke Treatment and Prevention

woman sweating in the sun
“It’s OK, I’m just a little lightheaded…?” No way. That’s just one typical symptom of heatstroke, a potentially fatal condition that’s an immediate 911 moment. To frame the urgency: an epic 2003 heat wave in France left 15,000–18,000 dead. Even when survived, heat stroke can leave the victim with brain or other organ damage—liver, kidneys, […]

Natural Skin Care Regimen

I’ve had several patients who think that our skin is just a big wrapper for our bones and organs. Yes, it is that. But it’s an organ itself—the largest you’ve got. So good skin care is vital for overall good health. Countless skin-care products claim to be green, natural, organic, herbal, and so on. Many […]

Astaxanthin: Power Antioxidant

Astaxanthin (asta-ZAN-thin) is the compound responsible for the pink or red pigment in shrimp, lobster, crab, and salmon—and the yellow and orange coloration of many plants, where its light absorption characteristics play a role in photosynthesis (and help our eyes—more on that later). Astaxanthin is one of the 600-some compounds known as carotenoids.  Many of […]

Eat seasonal vegetables

family picnicking in jackets. pumpkins on their blanket.
Summer may be when gardens produce popular favorites, but fall’s harvest is filled with less well-known, flavorful vegetables and fruit that should not be missed. Let’s take a look at some of fall’s hidden food gems. Once you’ve roasted these great roots and fruits yourself, you’ll see why I’m so eager for you to try […]

Recommended Vitamin D3 Level

I don’t mean to sound paranoid, but sometimes I wonder if they’re out to get us. The situation with vitamin D3 is a great example. First they lie, telling you to hide from the sun – the best source of vitamin D3 on the planet – or you’ll get skin cancer, a half-truth at best. […]

10 Tips for Healthy Skin All Winter

If cold weather and artificial heat leave you with dry, cracked skin, here’s some good news. You can fix that problem and improve your overall health by following a few simple guidelines. We tend to think of skin — the body’s largest organ — as something that takes care of itself. But it’s important to […]

Should You Wear Sunscreen? Know the Risks

woman sunbathing
Maybe you saw the recent story about a man who burst into flames after applying sunscreen. Yes, it really happened, and to more than just one person. Some spray-on sunscreens are flammable, so people who apply it before going out to the barbecue grill or other open flame are in danger of catching on fire. […]

The Real Skinny on Omega-3s

As a practicing physician, my patients keep me on my toes with a steady stream of questions. One of the most common involves supplement recommendations, especially when it comes to which nutrients are most important. When I reply that fish oil is at the top of my list — even for healthy individuals — patients […]

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