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Health and beauty tips often go overlooked as to how they can impact your actual health. Your body’s largest organ is your skin and taking care of it is vitally important. Not to be overlooked, as well, is how looking better can actually make you feel better.

Resolve to Thrive in Health and Wellness

20161230 this is your  year shutterstock_528085513
At this time of the year, I like to switch gears a bit, and tell you not just how to “thrive in health and wellness,” as I like to put it. In addition, I’ll remind you why that should be a priority in your new year’s resolutions and throughout your life. Let’s set a goal […]

Gingivitis Threatens Your Health

20161214 gingivitis shutterstock_115133911
Most people think of their mouths as a separate system. Mouths have dentists, not doctors. They’re made up of teeth and gums, not organs. Most folks don’t think their mouth really affects the rest of the body or their health. Only one problem—that’s not true at all. Your mouth’s health is integrally connected to the […]

Makeup Dangers

20161028 toxic makeup shutterstock_85540885
A surprising number of people think their skin is like an envelope with organs inside. But the truth is, your skin is an organ. Like your heart, lungs, brain, liver. Yes, your skin, all eight or so stretchy, springy pounds of it, is a beautifully capable single organ—that’s subject every day to constant bombardment by […]

Hair Loss Prevention Supplements

20161010 hair recovery shutterstock_346176767
Many people apparently like having no hair. You see guys everywhere who are bald—by choice. On the other hand, retaining or re-growing hair is a billion-dollar industry. Most products aren’t particularly effective, some you have to use for the rest of your life, and some are downright nasty. Propecia, for example, Big Pharma’s big seller […]

Control the End of Your Life

grandparent couple with a baby
In these letters, I spend most of my effort helping you be the healthiest version of yourself possible. But there is a slightly different issue I want to deal with today. It’s a crucial one—one that each of us will face at some point. But one that most people avoid at all costs. I’m talking […]

8 Health Steps for Rising Seniors

20160701 senior health report shutterstock_109234127
College-age kids are called “rising” when they’re about to move up a grade, like from sophomore to junior. So let’s call those of you now 50–64, who will become 65 and older over the next 14 years, “rising seniors.” The threat to rising seniors A recent report warns that many rising seniors face trying years […]

The best cancer prevention is…health

122513-Dr Connealy
Along with my work at The Center for New Medicine, I speak to specialized groups all across the country. What you get for free in my newsletters, I’m asked to share with numerous exclusive and prestigious organizations whose members are concerned about their health. Recently, I spoke to the World Presidents’ Organization, a global business […]

Antibacterial products dangerous

baby in a tub of bubbles
The chemical companies want you to believe that antibacterial hand soaps are better than plain soap. This belongs in the Hall of Shame, alongside “Fat, eggs, and cholesterol are all bad for you.” How are antibacterial soaps so not better than plain soap? Unlike antibacterial soap, plain soap doesn’t increase the risk of infections Unlike […]

Is Genetic Testing for You?

20160525 genetic testing shutterstock_224673766
There’s so much breakthrough research underway, it sometimes makes my head spin. But when I take a clear-eyed look around, I’m hugely encouraged. So many breakthroughs lead us in the same direction. It’s nothing less than a sea change in how we all can achieve or maintain tip-top health. Welcome to the epigenetics revolution Epigenetics, […]

Patient Directed Health is Essential

20160314 patient directed health care shutterstock_148295264
Earlier today, I had a patient come in with an extensive history of tests and medications. She’d seen many doctors, and had important blood work done about 5 months before she saw me. The good news—she’d done her homework, and already had a plan for what she wanted to do going forward. She had some […]

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