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General Information

Truthful and complete: how to talk to your doctor

Doctor trying to get truthful and complete information from their patient
The doctor-patient relationship is a sacred trust, literally a life-and-death bond. But recent research found that half of the 3,000 subjects studied admitted that they deliberately lied to their doctors, or withheld information about their conditions. Let me remind you why this should never happen—and what should always happen. It’s all about you It goes […]

Q&A on Recovering from Surgery

I’m all for healing slow and steady, using what nature has so generously given us. But sometimes, surgery is the only answer. Here are some questions I’m frequently asked about the best ways to heal and protect the body after a surgical procedure. I’m about to have surgery. Any tips to help me recover? First, […]

Integrative Functional Medicine: Why I Practice Healing the Way I Do

Integrative functional medicine symbolized by a flower and stethoscope
I regularly try to step back from myself and take a clear-eyed look at what I do, how I do it, and why. I think it’s only fair to report my findings to my readers. What I practice is called integrative functional medicine. You might see similar practices calling themselves holistic, integrated, restorative, complementary, or […]

Four Senior Care Options for Your Loved Ones

older and younger person holding hands
Most seniors want to live independently, in their own homes, for as long as possible—maybe even until they take their last breath. Some are fortunate enough to be able to do that. But for many other seniors, health challenges can prevent this dream from being a reality. Figuring out what kind of care your parents […]

The Right Way to Store Your Medicine

If there’s one place you’re most likely to keep your medicine, it would be your medicine cabinet, right? Too bad that’s the worst place to put any drugs, supplements, or medicines! In a damp basement next to a hot furnace might be slightly worse, but that’s about it. You see—while medicines are more resilient than […]

8 healthy steps rising seniors should never avoid

College-age kids are called “rising” when they’re about to move up a grade, like from sophomore to junior. So let’s call those of you now 50–64, who will become 65 and older over the next 14 years, “rising seniors.” The threat to rising seniors A recent report warns that many rising seniors face trying years ahead—more […]

The best cancer prevention is…health

Along with my work at The Center for New Medicine, I speak to specialized groups all across the country. What you get for free in my newsletters, I’m asked to share with numerous exclusive and prestigious organizations whose members are concerned about their health. Recently, I spoke to the World Presidents’ Organization, a global business […]

Find Home Health Care the Smart Way

Suppose you have a loved one—let’s say a husband—who’s been hospitalized for, say, a heart attack. Thankfully, he gets well fixed up and discharged—with orders for recovering at home, under the care of Medicare-covered nurses, aides, physical and occupational therapists. So how do you know who the best home caretakers are? Medicare Home Health Compare—a […]

2015 Year in Review

I’m always amazed at the volume of content we create at Newport Natural Health. In 2015, we wrote more than 150 articles to bring you the latest health and wellness advice. So I understand if you missed something. It was a busy year. In the spirit of helping your memory recall, here’s a list of […]

Doctors are Influenced by Drug Makers

doctors and business people sitting around a table
Being a doctor isn’t one job. It’s four, at least. Some medical professionals are responsible for everything from payroll to marketing research to purchasing. All while giving patients the best care possible. Little wonder, then, that even while fulfilling continuing education requirements, lots of cutting-edge research never makes its way to the desks of doctors. […]

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