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Soft Serve Banana Ice Cream

Bananas are high in potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins. They’re so much better for your heart than a sugary, creamy, high fat dessert like ice cream. And, frozen bananas can be transformed into a tasty, creamy, cold dessert similar to soft-serve, but with none of the drawbacks of ice cream. Once you’ve “mastered” the technique […]

Fresh Fruit Sorbet

Fresh fruit and cold desserts are two of my favorite summer phenomena, and sorbet blends them perfectly. It’s easy to make sorbet from your own fruit. This is the time of year when farmer’s markets are full of the best produce to make really delicious desserts. Get My FREE Curcumin Report Chronic Inflammation Decoded Remember, […]

Vanilla Ice Milk

As we move into the summer months, it’s the season where we reach for cold desserts as big treats. While your best choice for a dessert is definitely whole, fresh, organic fruit, you should also feel free to indulge in healthier versions of your childhood favorites. Ice milk is similar to ice cream, but it’s […]

Low Carb Avgolemeno

As an alternative to heavy “cream of” soups, like mushroom or broccoli, I really like the traditional Greek soup avgolemeno. It’s thickened with eggs and includes a heavy dose of lemon juice, creating a pleasantly tangy flavor that’s great as an appetizer. Alternately, if you have leftover chicken, just cut it up and add it […]

Cauliflower Rice

White rice is a low quality starch. When you remove the husk, bran, and germ and then polish the rice, you’ve removed most of the fiber and most of the nutrients from what was originally a very healthy food. While my usual solution for recipes that call for white rice is to use brown or […]

Peppery Pepper Soup

This soup is a roundup of the antioxidant richness to be found from peppers. The dominant pepper is common sweet bell peppers, but we blend in a hotter pepper for some additional kick, and then finish off with some pepper-y spices. I love this recipe because it tastes really fresh and because it’s very easy […]

Fresh Berry Soup

As it warms up, more fruits are coming into season. I especially love all kinds of fresh berries that are showing up at farmers’ markets. This soup features strawberries, but could be easily adapted for whichever berry is your particular favorite. It makes for a simple, sophisticated dessert or a great meal starter. Get My […]

Italian Wedding Soup

Italian wedding soup is a delicious meat and vegetable soup which is perfect for a hearty meal or, in smaller portions, as an appetizer. Many people make it with home-made meatballs, but this is one meal where I’m willing to sacrifice control for convenience and flavor. Instead of homemade meatballs, I use a locally-produced pork […]

Vegetarian French Onion Soup

French onion soup feels very luxurious and sophisticated in the mouth, but it’s actually pretty simple. It does require a fair amount of time, because naturally caramelizing the onions without the shortcut of adding sugar takes dedication. Because this is a vegetarian French onion soup, we’re adding mushroom puree to the vegetable stock, to up […]

Mushroom Puree

I really prefer to use a home-made stock to a commercial one, because store-bought stocks are so salty. And because it’s faster, easier, and very flexible, the broth I usually make is a vegetable one, rather than a beef or chicken stock. That means, however, that sometimes I’m missing the savory, meat-y flavor called umami […]