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Information about all of the latest exercise programs. Cardio workouts for your heart’s benefit, strength programs for your bone and muscle strength, and yoga stretching programs for flexibility.

You Can’t Burn Calories Fast Enough to Lose Weight

If you’ve been reading my thoughts for awhile—or, really, if you’re just aware of health in general—you know that exercise is extremely important. In fact, for the vast majority of maladies we get, the best preventive medicine we have comes from the benefits of exercise alone! However, exercise is not a total panacea for all […]

Exercise makes your fat healthier

This might scramble your sense of what your body’s made of…but let me introduce you to brown fat. Along with white fat, we’re born with fat that’s brown. It does wonderful work for us—burning calories, helping improve insulin and blood sugar levels, reducing the risks for type 2 diabetes, and adding huge benefits to exercise. […]

Improve Mobility by Walking

Most people think of exercise as a way to maintain health, strength, and flexibility. But the truth is, it’s much more than that. Of course, there’s nothing better than exercise when it comes to being healthy—but, it turns out, there’s nothing better than exercise when it comes to regaining health as well. And when I […]

The Latest Health Tech: Smartphones

exercise equipment including a smartphone
In these articles, you’ll often hear me talk about the dangers of the modern world. And it’s absolutely true. Whether talking about pollutants in your air, additives in your food, electronic smog, or your choice of dozens of other challenges, the modern world is constantly assaulting your health. But today, I want to take a […]

The Best Way to Naturally Lower Your Cholesterol

Let’s be clear about one thing straight up: when it comes to heart disease, cholesterol isn’t your biggest problem. Don’t get me wrong—eventually, cholesterol can cause blockages, which lead to strokes, heart attacks, thrombosis, or other problems. Too much cholesterol in your body is very dangerous. But my point is simply this: If you are […]

Increase Your Energy by Exercising

When you’re on a winning streak, you stick with it. That’s why I’ve written so much about exercise. When it comes to your health, it’s a champion. Just look at the newsletters I’ve sent in the past: Exercise fights cancer Green exercise improves exercise benefits Cancer prevention with diet and exercise Exercise creates balance, stops […]

Top 3 essentials to long-term independence

If there’s one thing we all want, when it comes to aging, it’s to grow old gracefully. No one wants to be stuck in a chair or bed. No one wants to see their faculties fade in the later stages of life. It’s not enough to just grow old. You want to keep your independence […]

Exercise Fights Cancer

Woman on Exercise Bike
We’ve known for a long time that physically active people show reduced risk of certain cancers. Most studies have focused on the correlation between exercise and the more common cancers—breast cancer in women, and colon and lung cancers in women and men. But a recent study sought links between exercise and other cancers. And, boy, […]

8 healthy steps rising seniors should never avoid

College-age kids are called “rising” when they’re about to move up a grade, like from sophomore to junior. So let’s call those of you now 50–64, who will become 65 and older over the next 14 years, “rising seniors.” The threat to rising seniors A recent report warns that many rising seniors face trying years ahead—more […]

Improving Bone Strength Naturally

Recently, I told you about five ways to increase your balance, and decrease your risk of falling. Because, we have to face facts—no matter how active and aware you are, your balance will decrease with age. Which means, sooner or later, you’re going to stumble. The key is to make sure that your body can […]

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