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Tzatziki: Savory Greek Yogurt Sauce

Yogurt is not just for breakfast. Don’t get me wrong, yogurt is great as a thickening protein source in a smoothie or as a binder for a bowl of fruit, but yogurt is also great as a savory ingredient. Savory tzatziki is a tangy Greek sauce for meat, rice, and bread. It’s a better addition […]

Quinoa, Amaranth, and Blood Sugar Problems

Food has fashions, just like clothes. Lately, gluten-free carbohydrates and high protein foods are all the rage. You may have heard of the “superfoods” amaranth and quinoa, which fit these trends to a tee. It might come as a surprise that you can over-eat these superfoods. If they’re so super good for you, shouldn’t they […]

Artificial Sweeteners Hurt Blood Sugar

It’s a classic flip-flop that pretty well debunks the long-standing promise that switching from sugar to non-sugar sweeteners—Aspartame, Splenda, Sweet ‘n’ Lo, and the rest—can help you lose weight. This is like when fat was once wrongly blamed for all sorts of health problems—then forgiven and given its proper respect. But this time it’s about […]

Creamy Quinoa Bake

Creamy Quinoa Bake
Sometimes the best way to introduce a new food is to blend it with an old food. If you or your family members have been nervous to try quinoa, this creamy, cheesy casserole should be a delicious, gentle introduction. Ingredients 1 teaspoon + 4 teaspoons olive oil 1 clove garlic, smashed or finely sliced (omit […]

Power Protein Pancakes

Power protein pancakes
These high protein pancakes use low fat, high protein cottage cheese with rolled oats to make a great, quick, gluten-free pancake. Because these are made without any sugar, you can use them as a savory pancake for dinner, dressing them up with nuts, herbs, or rolling vegetables in them. If you want something sweet and […]

Dairy benefits for diabetics

Welcome to another edition of “You’re wrong”, “No, you’re wrong.” Today’s dispute: Should diabetics consume dairy products at all, and if so, in whole-fat or non-fat/low-fat form? This one has high-confidence, high-conviction advocates all over the place. “Eliminating dairy cured my diabetes!” “Adding dairy cured my diabetes!” Who’s right? One expert advises most of his […]

Caffeine’s benefits and dangers

Many people forget—caffeine is a drug. It alters mood, behavior, and the chemical workings of your body. There are probably more people addicted to caffeine than any other drug on the planet. Maybe more than all other drugs combined. So you might be surprised to hear me say—that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Though a […]

Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie

A smoothie is a great on the go breakfast, pick me up after exercising, or, in this particular case, a lovely sweet dessert. This one uses cottage cheese as a protein source and thickener, and the combination of vanilla and honey for natural sweetness. If you’d like a bulkier smoothie with more vegetables, try adding […]

Protein-packed Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is high in protein, which helps control hunger and build muscle, and calcium, which is great for your bones. It does this with about a quarter of the calories of cheddar. I sometimes have plain cottage cheese as a quick snack, but I really like to use it as a substitute in recipes […]

Healthy Habits Work, No Matter Your Age

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…but that isn’t necessarily true. It’s never too late to get healthy. I know lots of patients—and friends!—who don’t want to change unhealthy habits, or adopt healthy ones. After all, I’m often asked, “What good can it do? I’ve done X my whole life, so changing […]

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