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Diet and fitness are essential to healthy living. Learn about the pros and cons of all the latest diet trends and exercise programs. Get food swap advice and learn new exercise programs.

Best Food Preservation Techniques

Here comes summer and the year’s best fresh foods—organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs from your garden or your local market.  But before you procure a single cucumber, think about autumn and winter—and the best ways to preserve summer’s delicious, healthy delights. Why should you think about dark winter days at this height of the growing […]

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is said to have boatloads of health benefits. So many, in fact, that our “too good to be true” skepticism kicks in. Stop cancer? Lose weight? Relieve arthritis? Whiten teeth? So, let’s take a closer look at what’s real and what’s hype. Let’s start by broadly categorizing ACV’s three types of […]

Fresh Berry Soup

As it warms up, more fruits are coming into season. I especially love all kinds of fresh berries that are showing up at farmers’ markets. This soup features strawberries, but could be easily adapted for whichever berry is your particular favorite. It makes for a simple, sophisticated dessert or a great meal starter. Ingredients 3 […]

Avoid Dessert for Breakfast

You probably don’t need reminding that Americans, as a whole, consume way too much sugar. All our processed foods, our addictive restaurant meals, and our cloyingly sweet snacks have combined to give us a collective epidemic of blood sugar disorders and obesity. In fact, it’s gotten so bad, that some researchers think obesity and diabetes […]

Italian Wedding Soup

Italian wedding soup is a delicious meat and vegetable soup which is perfect for a hearty meal or, in smaller portions, as an appetizer. Many people make it with home-made meatballs, but this is one meal where I’m willing to sacrifice control for convenience and flavor. Instead of homemade meatballs, I use a locally-produced pork […]

Sprouted Foods Health Benefits

Water + warmth + seeds, nuts, beans, or grains + time = one of the hottest health trends going—sprouted foods. These delicious, delicate little baby plants are packed with goodness. So let’s “unpack” them to see why they’re so good. A food research firm estimates that 2018 will bring in $250 million in sales of […]

Vegetarian French Onion Soup

French onion soup feels very luxurious and sophisticated in the mouth, but it’s actually pretty simple. It does require a fair amount of time, because naturally caramelizing the onions without the shortcut of adding sugar takes dedication. Because this is a vegetarian French onion soup, we’re adding mushroom puree to the vegetable stock, to up […]

Plentiful Plant Protein Alternatives

A number of studies have shown that the benefits of a vegetarian diet includes a 32% decrease in ischemic heart disease, and reductions in blood pressure, diabetes and cancer risk. But even if you aren’t vegetarian, you can enjoy very similar benefits by making sure half your plate is made up of fruits and veggies. […]

Mushroom Puree

I really prefer to use a home-made stock to a commercial one, because store-bought stocks are so salty. And because it’s faster, easier, and very flexible, the broth I usually make is a vegetable one, rather than a beef or chicken stock. That means, however, that sometimes I’m missing the savory, meat-y flavor called umami […]

High Meat Diet Risks Gut Pain

Another day, another health threat that often refuses to give us clear symptoms.  Diverticulitis can develop when small, bulging pouches in the colon, diverticula, become inflamed or infected. The good news?  It’s fixable. It’s tricky though.  Not only can you be symptom free for years, but when symptoms do appear, they can present similarly to […]

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