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Detoxing is a very upward trending topic in the natural health space. With the amount of chemicals we are exposed to in our everyday lives, it’s no wonder why people are becoming concerned about what is being introduced into their bodies.

Here you will find articles about chemical overexposure, the impact it can have on your health as well as helpful easy ways you can detox yourself naturally.

Detox your food—stop buying BPA

Added sugar and salt are not the only additives in your food that you should be worrying about. Many foods and beverages (even raw vegetables!) are packaged in plastic containing bisphenol A (BPA), a hormone-disrupting chemical linked to the conditions: Prostate cancer Heart attack Angina Coronary heart disease Diabetes Insulin resistance Depression Infertility ADHD Polycystic […]

Heavy Metal Poisoning Leads to Fatigue

Man and woman dancing in a park
Do you drag through the day or have trouble staying awake after lunch? Are you exhausted by noon, no matter how much sleep you get? I’m not surprised. Fatigue is one of the most common reasons for doctor visits. Here’s my advice. Have your levels of heavy metals tested. All it takes is a bit […]

Is Your Water Contaminated?

You should be drinking water, and plenty of it: I recommend one-half ounce for every pound you weigh, so a 180 pound person should be drinking 90 ounces per day. Water prevents potentially fatal dehydration, aids in digestion, facilitates detoxification, regulates temperature (especially when you exercise), helps thin the blood to prevent heart attack, and […]

E-Cigarettes Probably No Better Than Tobacco

If you smoke or know someone who does, you’ve probably heard about e-cigarettes and cigars: tobacco-free, battery-operated devices that turn nicotine and other chemicals into a vapor that’s inhaled by the user. E-cigarettes are touted as a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes, as well as a tool to help smokers ease off tobacco and eventually […]

Detoxification Plan: Cleanse Your Liver

We live in a toxic world where we can’t avoid breathing polluted air and drinking tainted water.  Our bodies are constantly exposed to heavy metals, chemical pollutants, drugs, pesticides, food additives, and various other dangerous compounds. Many of these substances find their way into your body. Research shows that the typical human has more than […]

10 Tips to Protect Your Kidneys and Keep them Healthy

Every thirty minutes, your kidneys filter all of the blood in your body, removing toxins from the blood, excreting them in urine, and preventing damage to all of your organs. Your kidneys also regulate the alkaline/acid balance in your body, preventing you from becoming dangerously acidic. Regulating acid and toxins is dangerous work. Your kidneys […]

Mercury Poisoning: The Symptoms and 3 Easy Detox Tips

fish being cleaned on a cutting board
I thought I had seen everything as a doctor. But nothing prepared me for Anne (not her real name) and her mercury poisoning. When I met her in the examining room, her hands were shaking like a Parkinson’s patient, even though she was not yet twenty years old. As we talked, she complained about extreme […]

Fatty Liver Disease: Stop It From Becoming Cancer

Fat man clutching his gut
When I started my practice, patients who came to me with liver problems either had a hepatitis infection or some sort of drug problem: alcohol, prescription overload, or occasionally illegal drugs. These days, I see more and more patients whose cirrhosis and liver cancer started out as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Your doctor may […]

Pillars of Health, Part I: The Basics of Living Well

Older woman in jacket standing in front of a pillar
Since it’s the beginning of a new year, I’d like to review the elements that make up something I call the Pillars of Health. These are eight lifestyle choices that provide the foundation of good health, which include: Being active Managing stress Detoxifying your body Sleeping long and well Eating nutritious, whole foods Drinking pure, […]

Parkinson’s Disease: Symptoms, Risks, and Prevention

Senior man sitting on a wooden bench and looking at camera, in a park
If you know someone with Parkinson’s disease, you know how difficult it can be to live with this illness. Often, Parkinson’s begins with tiny, almost imperceptible changes – a bit of tremor in the hand, anxiety, constipation, stiff muscles, movements that feel slow or heavy, the sensation that a leg or foot is “dragging,” depression, […]

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