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Detoxing is a very upward trending topic in the natural health space. With the amount of chemicals we are exposed to in our everyday lives, it’s no wonder why people are becoming concerned about what is being introduced into their bodies.

Here you will find articles about chemical overexposure, the impact it can have on your health as well as helpful easy ways you can detox yourself naturally.

Smoking and Kidney Health

Pop quiz: What are the health risks of smoking? I’m willing to bet that “lung cancer” was your first answer. Maybe even high blood pressure or higher chances of heart attack and stroke. Those are correct answers, but to me it’s only the beginning of the conversation about smoking. Cigarette toxins wreak havoc all over […]

Natural detoxification: the key to better kidney and liver health

Your body is bombarded by toxins with every breath, bite, and step you take. Your kidneys and liver are your body's main defenders against this poisonous bombardment. Without these vital organs, toxins would build up in your body and damage your other organs. But who filters the filterers? Follow these important steps to protect the health of your kidney and liver, so they can protect the health of the rest of you.

Protecting your lungs for healthy lung month

woman breathing on a mountain top for healthy lungs
It's not just tobacco. There are lesser-known health risks that also affect air quality and lung health. October is Healthy Lung Month, and it is important to be aware of the less conspicuous toxins affecting the air quality in your home or work—and, in turn, your health.

Thirdhand Smoke: Chemical dangers from past smoking

I bring bad news for smokers and nonsmokers alike. Smokers, you’ve been taxed to the max, banned in virtually every indoor space. You’ve been forced outdoors for your habit, into rain, cold, and heat … and now there might be more to come. Nonsmokers, you thought banning indoor smoking would protect you against tobacco’s many […]

When is it safe to reduce your medications?

Here’s a situation doctors are pleased to encounter all the time. For 6 months, Patient Ingrid, we’ll call her, has been taking a “cocktail” of prescription and non-prescription meds, plus supplements. She’s also been eating a newly healthy diet, and exercising regularly. One fine day, she announces “I’m feeling so much better, doctor. Can I […]

Anti-perspirant and deodorant dangers, and healthy alternatives

Woman with upraised arms
Raise your hands if you put deodorant or antiperspirant on today. Put your hands down if you know the difference between the two. Finally, lower your hands if you know the dangerous ingredients of conventional deodorants and antiperspirants. Are your hands still up? If so, take a whiff. There’s a very good chance that your […]

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

Person drinking water from a pipe. Keep it clean on National Drug Takeback Day
Our country’s tragic opioid epidemic has rightfully grabbed a lot of health headlines lately. So while the many-headed beast of drug addiction and abuse are on our radar, I want to be sure you’re observing best practices when it comes to managing your own prescription drugs. You can play a role in curbing another kind […]

Warning signs of unhealthy drinking & how to curb them

Do you every worry about how much your spouse is drinking? Do you have a friend who is always drunk at the end of the evening? Are you always drinking more than everyone around you? According to a vast new study, alcohol use has jumped dramatically in the United States, especially among women and older […]

How much fish is safe to eat?

Not long ago, our waters were filled with healthy, nutrition-rich fish—an amazing source of vital omega-3 fatty acids. But today, though our waters are still filled with fish, they’re also filled with toxins—and so, in turn, nearly every fish contains toxins as well. Sadly, it’s time to ban eating some fish, to limit consumption of […]

Lead Danger from Water Pipes

Until recently, it seemed lead was a problem from another age. Like smallpox and syphilis, the danger of lead felt far away—perhaps present somewhere in the world, but not here in the United States. Flint, Michigan changed all that. By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the story—how Flint’s municipal plumbing pipes were corroded by acidic […]

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