Cancer is one of the most researched and misunderstood health topics of our generation. Here you will find articles related to various types of cancer and what the latest medical research is showing.

Exercise Fights Cancer

Woman on Exercise Bike
We’ve known for a long time that physically active people show reduced risk of certain cancers. Most studies have focused on the correlation between exercise and the more common cancers—breast cancer in women, and colon and lung cancers in women and men. But a recent study sought links between exercise and other cancers. And, boy, […]

New Cancer Diagnostic Tool

20160713 liquid biopsies shutterstock_148623689
Cancer is complicated. So the more tools we have to diagnose it, the better. And there’s a new one that’s gaining in popularity right now. And, without doubt, it’s beneficial in some circumstances. But not all. As you’ll see today, when it comes to cancer, we’ve got to use everything we’ve got. Relying on just […]

The best cancer prevention is…health

122513-Dr Connealy
Along with my work at The Center for New Medicine, I speak to specialized groups all across the country. What you get for free in my newsletters, I’m asked to share with numerous exclusive and prestigious organizations whose members are concerned about their health. Recently, I spoke to the World Presidents’ Organization, a global business […]

Prostate Cancer Treatments: Temperatures and Lasers

20160617 nonsurgical prostate shutterstock_425040298
Here are three words pretty much guaranteed to scare an adult male: Erectile…dysfunction…incontinence. Unfortunately, these have been all too common side effects of the all too common prostate cancer interventions—radiation, chemo, and surgery. No disrespect for practitioners here—many considered these the best options available. But today, I offer gentlemen three words that change everything: 100 […]

Avoid Unnecessary Mastectomies

breast cancer awareness volunteers in a park
For women with early stage breast cancer, it’s a very difficult choice. There’s mastectomy—entire removal of one or both breasts—or there’s less invasive “breast-conserving surgery” (BCS), which aims to remove only the cancerous cells. A recent survey found that mastectomies increased by 36 percent from 2005 to 2013—from 66 per 100,000 women to 90 per […]

Thyroid Test: Why You Need It

20160302 hypothyroid shutterstock_369425261
In the world of Western medicine, doctors and hospitals usually over-test, over-prescribe, and under-deliver. So it’s with some irony today that I point out a crucial test that you’re probably not getting—a thyroid test. Many insurance companies consider thyroid tests too expensive to be worth the trouble. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Hypothyroidism—when the […]

Prostate Cancer Screening Best Practice

20160127 prostate cancer screening shutterstock_223712989
An American man has a 16% lifetime risk of prostate cancer—not quite one in six. Though the risk of dying of prostate cancer is only 2.9 percent, it’s still the second leading cause of cancer death among American men, after lung cancer. So there’s recent concern about significant declines in: The number of men taking […]

New Individualized Cancer Therapy

man in library looking at DNA imagery
My job as a physician and writer is to build bridges between important health news and my readers. Today’s health news is nothing short of momentous. It’s about an alternative cancer treatment that uses a patient’s unique genetic makeup to effectively kill specific carcinogenic targets—with no drugs, no radiation, and no devastating chemo. It can […]

“Miracle” drugs don’t cure cancer

couple exercising outdoors
Do you know what really annoys me? Medical misinformation. It’s dangerous—even immoral. I understand that websites and news services need to drive eyes to their articles. And I can put up with a certain number of flashing ads and screaming headlines populating my favorite websites. But I draw the line when it comes to health. […]

Fatty Liver Secretly Leads to Organ Failure

Fat man clutching his gut
I have some good news for you and some bad news. First, the bad news. We’re killing our livers. Cirrhosis and liver cancer —which used to be exclusively problems of alcohol, drugs, or hepatitis—are becoming increasingly prevalent. Only it’s not just caused by drugs anymore. Today, most liver damage I see is caused by other […]

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