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Dear Health-Conscious Friend,

It’s time to say goodbye to all those late-night trips to the bathroom…say goodbye to embarrassing accidents, dribbles and wet spots…reverse the “squeeze,” ensure comfort and total urinary control.

I’m Dr. Connealy, a practicing physician and Medical Director of the Center for New Medicine in Orange County, California. And I’m about to introduce you to an exciting natural breakthrough that helps ensure strong urinary flow, control, and overall prostate health.

In other words, I’m about to put YOU in control of your prostate… instead of the other way around.

Studies show that roughly 50% of men over age 50 suffer the ill-effects of an enlarged prostate.

And if you’re over 80, that number jumps to 80% or more.

So, if you’re suffering with prostate issues, or think that you might be, you are certainly not alone.

But you can trump those statistics quickly, safely and naturally.

Before I introduce this breakthrough solution, let’s talk a little bit about what causes problems in the first place.

Prostate Basics—What you need to know about your prostate

Big Squeeze
Normal Prostate | Enlarged Prostate

Most doctors think Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a major cause of an enlarged prostate.

Like testosterone, DHT is a male sex hormone. But unlike testosterone, which is a steroid hormone within the androgen group, DHT is synthesized by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme in the adrenal glands, hair follicles and prostate.

In youth, DHT has an important role in the formation of male external genitalia. But as we get older, it plays a more diabolical role in prostate enlargement as well as male pattern baldness. This becomes more critical as men grow older.

Although their level of testosterone decreases, the level of DHT increases.

This increasingly harmful imbalance is the primary cause of an enlarged prostate.

Normal vs. Enlarged Prostate Size

Its primary function is to produce the fluids that make up 50-75% of your semen when you ejaculate. And when your prostate’s healthy, it’s about the size of a walnut.

Your urethra (the tube that transports both urine and semen through the penis) runs directly through the middle of your prostate. And, until about the age of 50, the prostate typically does its job without a problem.

But as you age, it can begin to enlarge and constrict your urethra causing some really challenging problems, including:

Most doctors agree that a male chemical called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the major cause of an enlarged prostate. In fact, the few men who don’t produce DHT, don’t develop prostate issues.

But what exactly is DHT and how does it cause an enlarged prostate?

DHT starts with 5-alpha reductase. 5-alpha reductase is an enzyme that is secreted by your body starting around the age of 40—it converts testosterone into DHT—leading to a decrease in testosterone and an increase in DHT.

DHT promotes cell growth in the tissues that line the prostate gland, leading to an enlarged prostate and a whole host of issues, ranging from uncomfortable and bothersome to downright painful.

When your prostate becomes enlarged, or inflamed, it actually squeezes the urethra leading to those late-night bathroom runs, road trip stops, movie interruptions, even problems with sexual performance.

But my breakthrough, nutrient solution can change all that!

Promoting a comfortable prostate, healthy urinary flow and the control you need.

Prostate Plus: A safe, fast, natural, effective solution

The powerful nutrients in each daily dose of Prostate Plus will help ensure you can:

These ingredients are each backed by scientific research and have an impressive track record of success for both short- and long-term relief.

1. Pygeum and Beta Sitosterol: Your Prostate Health Heroes

The first two ingredients in Prostate Plus are Pygeum and Beta Sitosterol. Pygeum, from the bark of the African plum tree, and Beta Sitosterol, from various plant sources, are scientifically proven to help:

Just imagine the peace of mind—making it through an entire day, every day with total comfort, confidence and control.

And, while it’s imperative to start relieving symptoms as quickly as possible, it’s even more important to target the source of the problem.

Which is why you’ll get two other nutrients, in Prostate Plus, to ensure long-term prostate health…

2. Saw Palmetto & Graminex: Your Long Term Problem Solvers

“I have noticed an improvement in my health since taking Prostrate Plus. I am not having to get up 3 or 4 times during the night to go to the bathroom. I am enjoying a good night’s sleep now. Thank you for advice and supplements.” — S. Roberts, Conroe, TX

Saw Palmetto, from the ripened berries of the saw palmetto shrub, and Graminex, an extract of rye pollen, are scientifically proven to help shrink your prostate.

Saw Palmetto, when used over time, actually shrinks the prostate by soothing and calming the inflammation.

Plus, Saw Palmetto helps inhibit production of 5-alpha reductase — reducing production of DHT and targeting the source of your enlarged prostate!

It’s interesting to note that several studies show that Saw Palmetto Extract can achieve the same results as the most widely prescribed drugs for patients with enlarged prostates.

Similar to Saw Palmetto, Graminex stops prostate enlargement at the source, helping to decrease the diameter of your prostate.

Graminex is proven to relieve urinary symptoms, decreasing the need to urinate at night.

Finally you can say goodbye to those frequent nighttime bathroom visits. I’m sure your wife will be thankful too!

Try Our Risk-Free Trial Offer Today

Prostate Plus gets to work fast, reversing and relieving your most troublesome symptoms while addressing the root of the problem for long-term prostate health and comfort.

But, since these problems didn’t spring up overnight, you can’t expect them to disappear overnight either.

That’s why I’m offering you my 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Simply take two Prostate Plus softgels a day, and if you aren’t:

Then I will insist on giving you your money back.

Just return any unused softgels within 6 months of your purchase and you’ll receive a refund of every penny you paid, less shipping and handling. You have my word on it.

So why wait? Order your risk-free supply of Prostate Plus and take control of your prostate health today!

Thrive in Health and Wellness,


Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.

P.S. Get to the root cause of your prostate problems and relieve troublesome symptoms. Try Prostate Plus risk-free with today’s Newport Natural Health’s offer. Order now!


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