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Joint Renewal

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Twice the Relief for Your Joints...

With Two Capsules a Day:
  • Relief beyond glucosamine
    and chondroitin

  • Controls inflammation

  • Eases discomfort

  • Helps rebuild cartilage

Say Goodbye to Joint Discomfort

If you take the elevator instead of the stairs, or avoid long walks, sports, or other physical activities because of pain, I have some very good news for you . .
With Joint Renewal you will see the following benefits:
  • Alleviate everyday aches and pains

  • Improve joint mobility, flexibility, and function

  • Twice the power of glucosamine and chondroitin
    to reduce joint discomfort

  • Promote healthy physical function

  • Promote a normal inflammatory response

  • Allow the body to rebuild cartilage

This new, all-natural solution provides the most comprehensive joint relief yet, for less discomfort and more mobility in your knees, shoulders, hips, elbows, hands and back. So, you can be more active and enjoy the freedom of doing your everyday activities without joint discomfort.

My Joint Renewal Story

Over a year ago I had the unfortunate "luck" of tearing my ACL ligament and damaging the meniscus cartilage in my knee.

While the surgery was a success and my surgeon believes I've made a full recovery, I began to experience pain during my daily exercise routine, which entails climbing a large set of steps several times each morning that leads down to the beach near my home in California.

I do 1,000 steps a day during this routine. I was told by my doctor that the pain I was experiencing was, you guessed it, a "normal part of aging."

Well, it was this journey that started me down the path to creating Joint Renewal. I reviewed all of the impressive research on UC-II and started taking it myself along with the curcumin supplement I was already taking. Let me tell you, within a week or so, it started to do the trick! I even put my husband, who is a runner, on it. He raves about how great he feels.

The Relief You're Looking for is Here!

If joint discomfort and limited mobility plague you, chances are you've probably already started looking for a solution. While many solutions help monitor and diminish the discomfort you're feeling, these solutions are not actually addressing the problem.

That's why I've created Joint Renewal. With its two powerful ingredients, UC-II® and Meriva®, this solution not only alleviates those everyday aches and pains, but it also gets to the root of the problem by helping to rebuild cartilage. By rebuilding your cartilage, you'll see the relief you've been looking for in increased mobility and function!

With all the benefits you'll see with Joint Renewal, there's no need to wait another minute.

Joint Renewal — a doctor-formulated breakthrough
in joint pain relief that has people like you singing its praises

If you're worried knee replacement surgery might be in your future:

"I have been using Joint Renewal for about three months now. Before Joint Renewal my doctor was telling me that a knee replacement was necessary, but after about 3 weeks of Joint Renewal, I began to feel an improvement in my knees. The improvement so far has been tremendous. I am hopeful the Joint Renewal will enable me to "dodge" a knee replacement as nothing is as good as God's original equipment."

—William L.,
Galt, IL

If you're a battered "weekend warrior":

"I'm a 63 year-old handball player. After a recent series of injuries and medical problems sidelined me for a considerable time, I did some rehab and returned to the courts. However, after playing, I would feel like I'd been run over by a truck, suffering from pain in my neck, back, knees and feet.

I had concluded that the toll on my body was too great, and was about to give up the game, when I saw one of your ads and decided to give Joint Renewal a try.

The beneficial effects were noticeable within days, and I am now able to play at a competitive level with greatly reduced after-effects. My friends to whom I've recommended your product claim to have benefited as well.

—Mark S.

If you just want to ease the pain and stay active:

"I have never been able to hike and run this much without major knee pain. I have been taking it for almost 2 months and I am very grateful."

—David L.
And if you wonder if it's too good to be true:

"I was skeptical when I read the ads about Joint Renewal because I have tried several products and received no relief. I was pleasantly surprised to find that within 2 days I could walk longer distances without the excruciating knee pain I had been experiencing. I was so impressed that I bought a bottle for my sister who suffers with back pain and she had the same results. Needless to say you have two very happy people. I am now a true believer."

—Beverly A.

Meriva® Phytosome Controls Inflammation
and Eases Discomfort

The first ingredient in Joint Renewal is a special form of curcumin, Meriva® Phytosome. I often recommend curcumin, the Ayurvedic spice from India that has special antioxidant and inflammation-balancing properties. I have been very impressed with Meriva, a proprietary form of curcumin, because clinical trials show that it can:

  • Decrease joint discomfort and stiffness

  • Improve joint mobility and function, including walking distance

  • Deliver powerful antioxidants that protect your joints from oxidative stress

The reason Meriva has achieved such remarkable results* is that this form of curcumin is 29 times more easily absorbed by your body than the typical curcumin found in supplements. Its powerful absorption rate is due to a special manufacturing process that takes curcumin and binds it to phosphatidylcholine, a well-absorbed component of human cells, resulting in a far greater amount of curcumin actually reaching your individual cells — reducing inflammation in your joints.

I included a full 1,000 mg of Meriva in Joint Renewal. Research studies show that this amount provides the greatest benefit in balancing your body's inflammatory response.

UC-II Rebuilds Your Cartilage

Reducing discomfort is only half the battle when it comes to joint problems. Unless you can actually help your joints heal by eliminating the harmful enzymes that build up over time, you cannot achieve long-lasting joint health.

That's why I'm excited about the second ingredient that makes Joint Renewal so effective. It's a breakthrough collagen extract that helps to actually replenish the cartilage in your joints.

This nutrient, called UC-II®, helps rebuild the cushioning in your joints by actually attacking the root of the problem — it blocks the harmful enzymes that destroy the cartilage to begin with. In other words, its like plugging the holes in a leaky bucket.

When these destructive enzymes are no longer able to wreak havoc in your joints, your body is able to rebuild joint cartilage like it once did. And once the bones in your joints have more cushioning between them once again, you will experience less pain and improved mobility.

When UC-II was tested against glucosamine and chondroitin, it was proven to have twice the power of glucosamine and chondroitin to reduce joint discomfort.

Subjects taking UC-II experienced significantly less discomfort when performing activities such as walking on a flat surface, climbing up and down stairs, and doing heavy-duty household chores*.

"I no longer use a cane — I have almost no pain in my left knee"

"When I started using Joint Renewal, my left knee pain was so unbearable I had to use a cane for assistance.

It was painful to stand or walk comfortably; the pressure (and pain) on my knee joint interfered with quality of life, and nothing helped. I could not manage stairs without a handrail; I had to step one tread at a time, or look for an elevator or escalator.

I was afraid I would fall because of the lack of support, and knee replacement was a serious consideration. The lack of mobility was affecting my knees, hips and spine. It was even painful to get out of bed.

After a daily supplement of Joint Renewal and mild walking exercise; I no longer use a cane, I have almost no pain in my left knee. The swelling has subsided considerably. Stairs are now just a means to move from one elevation to another and not the challenge experienced prior to Joint Renewal.

My mobility has improved greatly, and I will continue to use Joint Renewal."

—Elaine R.,
Toronto, ON

Why Wait...You Could Be Next

Take a look at All of the Benefits You'll Get from Joint Renewal

When you combine these two advanced joint-supporting nutrients together, you get Joint Renewal, an all-natural breakthrough that provides comprehensive joint support.

Just two capsules a day of Joint Renewal will*:

  • Help alleviate everyday joint aches and discomfort
  • Help improve joint mobility, flexibility, and function
  • Give you twice the power of glucosamine and chondroitin to reduce joint discomfort
  • Promote healthy physical function
  • Help promote a normal inflammatory response

Try Our RISK-FREE Trial Offer Today

Joint Renewal often shows noticeable results in joint discomfort within a week. However, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is joint cartilage. So I tell my patients that it can take a few months for the ingredients in Joint Renewal to repair cartilage.

To get the full effect as quickly as possible, I urge you to start right now. Take advantage of Newport Natural Health's special risk-free trial offer and buy a 2-month supply.

And remember, if ever you're not completely satisfied with any purchase, just return it, up to one full year after purchase, and we'll credit every penny you paid, less shipping and handling. You have my word on it.

Thrive in Health and Wellness,

Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.

Newport Natural Health

Joint Renewal

Joint Renewal provides comprehensive relief for stiff, uncomfortable joints by combining the two most advanced joint-supporting nutrients available. These clinically studied ingredients are more than twice as effective as glucosamine and chondroitin. An advanced turmeric phytosome reduces joint discomfort, while a breakthrough collagen extract helps rebuild your joint cartilage naturally. The result is less discomfort and more mobility, so you can be more active and enjoy the freedom of doing your everyday activities without joint discomfort.


  • Meriva® Phytosome                                     1,000 mg
  • UC-11® Standardized Chicken Cartilage       40 mg

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