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Dear Reader,

Not since CoQ10 and omega-3s, or even resveratrol…has one powerful nutrient raised so many eyebrows in the scientific community.

In fact, what you’re about to discover just might be the biggest natural health breakthrough in more than two decades.

Here’s why. Scientists have been investigating the secrets of one ancient, natural compound. Each groundbreaking study reveals yet another remarkable healing power. This natural compound is so powerful it can:

It’s like having an arsenal of personal health specialists, working around the clock, to heal, balance, recharge, and repair every cell, organ, and system in your body.

Best of all, this compound is a real, honest-to-goodness solution…for just about every health concern under the sun.

No office visits, no prescriptions, no pokes or prods…
and not a single negative side effect in the nearly
4,000 years it’s been used as a natural medicine

In fact, recent reports estimate nearly 150 powerful, beneficial uses of this special, organic compound. Some of them so powerful, I’m actually not allowed to tell you about them because they compete with the mainstream medicine’s trillion dollar industry.

You read that right!

The medical mainstream makes trillion of dollars, every year, by feeding you temporary solutions that never get to the heart of what’s affecting your health.

They actually profit from you getting older and sicker. And if you develop a chronic condition you become a gold mine—on-going profit for them and on-going suffering for you!

But the powerful, ancient compound you’re about to discover does exactly the opposite.

Instead of masking your symptoms with temporary relief, it goes to work fast—to restore balance, heal your body, and slow the effects of aging.

I’ll reveal this mystery nutrient in just a minute, but first,
I’d like to introduce myself…

My name is Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy. I am the Medical Director of the Center for New Medicine in Orange County, California.

During the earliest days of my medical practice, I realized that there were serious flaws with the mainstream approach to health care.

Time and time again, I watched patients get sicker and sicker at the hands of “standard” protocols and medications, while true healing was completely overlooked.

Finally, I decided to make a change—focusing on true health care (not sick care). I shifted gears and made it my mission to find better, smarter, more natural ways to heal the body.

Today I focus on correcting the nutritional imbalances that are often at the root of most challenging health concerns.

And that’s why this true breakthrough is so exciting and I can’t wait to tell you about it.

Because not only is it a powerful antioxidant…

Its ability to promote a healthy inflammatory response beats
the pants off of nearly every mainstream solution

cuminIn other words, this natural substance is a superhero when it comes to the root cause of today’s most common health challenges.

It’s called curcumin. And if you’ve heard of it, then you’re already a step ahead of the mainstream.

Study after study reveals its amazing healing powers.

Curcumin is the most active compound in a yellow spice called turmeric. A staple of the Indian diet and one of the main ingredients in curry, turmeric is also responsible for mustard’s bright yellow color.

But before you start piling the mustard onto your next sandwich, it’s important to know that not all forms of curcumin were created equal.

Pure curcumin doesn’t mix easily with water…and that makes it very difficult for your body to absorb and put to use.

So, until very recently, it was difficult to maximize the benefits of curcumin without swallowing a bucket of pills…or oceans of mustard and curry.

47 times more absorbable

But I’m about to introduce you to a form of curcumin that’s up to 47 times easier to absorb than ordinary curcumin…and it’s 4.4 times easier for your body to use than the “next best” curcumin.

That means you’ll get a boost of antioxidant power to revitalize your cells and create a balanced, healthy inflammatory response

You see, this special form of curcumin can quickly destroy free radicals and promote healthy inflammatory response—that means, in no time at all you’ll enjoy…

All while fighting free radicals, slowing the effects of aging, and feeling your absolute best.

A powerful natural solution for a healthy heart and
outstanding cholesterol levels

Let’s talk about your heart, the most important organ int the center of your circulatory system. did you know that heart health continues to be one of today’s biggest concerns?

Studies show that curcumin might be the best friend your heart’s ever had. Curcumin just might be the powerful natural solution for a healthy heart and optimal cholesterol levels that you have been looking for.

I’m sure you know that moderate exercise is one of the best things you can do for your heart.

Aside from burning calories and conditioning your muscles, exercise helps boost circulation and protects the blood vessels throughout your body.

Well, in one clinical study, just 150mg of curcumin per day, for eight weeks, offered the same cardiovascular benefits as eight weeks of exercise.

And in a study where curcumin and exercise were combined? This heart health superstar shined even brighter, boosting cardiovascular health better than exercise or curcumin alone.

Plus, in both human and animal studies, curcumin was shown to help:

Best of all…not a single subject in the curcumin groups of these studies reported negative side effects.

In fact, as you’re about to learn, curcumin is
chock full of side BENEFITS!

For example, emerging evidence shows that curcumin can also help promote healthy blood pressure levels.

How’s that for an exciting “side effect”?

Keep in mind, the researchers in these studies weren’t using this super-absorbable, highly bioavailable form of curcumin.

If they were, you can bet their study subjects would have seen better results…even faster.

And in another minute, I’ll show you how you can try this powerful natural cardio-protector for yourself.

But there’s SO much more good news to share.

Your brain and curcumin

“Researchers found that those who consumed the most curcumin enjoyed the highest levels of cognitive function.”

I remember back when I was a kid, I used to poke fun at my grandfather for forgetting names and losing his train of thought.

Now that I’m approaching the age that he was back then, I realize that cognitive function is no laughing matter.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about a 2006 study looking at a population of Asian adults, ages 60-93.

Researchers found that those who consumed the most curcumin enjoyed the highest levels of cognitive function.

Imagine how much easier your day could be if you could trust your memory without consulting your day planner or writing yourself reminders…

You’ll be beating your buddies at the poker table or finishing up that crossword puzzle in record time.

Having that clear memory and razor-sharp focus will lift the brain fog and keep you staying on top of your game morning, noon, and night.

And studies continue confirming these findings.

Curcumin is one of the only natural substances known to have such a profound protective effect on the brain.

Probably because it’s one of the only natural substances that can cross from the blood into the brain, to impart such powerful support and protection.

Emerging research shows that curcumin may even help promote a balanced mood and encourage a positive mental outlook.

And again these exciting results don’t take into account that my curcumin is up to 47 times more bioavailable than ordinary curcumin and more than 4 times easier to absorb than today’s commercially available forms.

It’s called Cavamax®

In no time at all, your joints, your brain and focus, your heart health—even your mood and outlook— will thank you for adding Cavamax® to your daily routine.

That’s because it’s one of the most powerful antioxidants I’ve ever studied.

And its ability to promote a healthy inflammatory response makes Cavamax® one of the most important natural health compounds available today.

That’s why it’s the key ingredient in my brand new
supplement called Curcumin EX Plus

It’s far and away the most powerful curcumin product I’ve ever offered, with the highest levels of absorbability I’ve ever seen.

That means more curcumin goes to work in your body, faster than ever before…

But when it comes to the laundry list of curcumin’s powers, I’m just getting started.

Plus, I’ve teamed Cavamax® with two additional age-defying, antioxidant powerhouses—red wine polyphenols and resveratrol

That means:red-wine

Chances are you’ve heard of resveratrol.

It started making headlines back in 1997, when researchers first uncovered its ground-breaking antioxidant power.

Since then, resveratrol has been the subject of more than 3,700 studies showing its unique ability to…

So naturally, resveratrol was a perfect partner to Cavamax® curcumin.

Then I took things up just another notch with the addition of red wine polyphenols.

Large population studies show that people who regularly consume moderates about of red wine enjoy the best track records for heart health.

That’s because these remarkable antioxidant compounds have been shown to help…

And, like curcumin, both resveratrol and red wine polyphenols have a solid track record with no negative side effects.

You see that when you combine all three and add them to your daily regimen, it can only mean one thing:

Curcumin EX Plus is about to bring the fun
back into your active lifestyle

Whether you’re walking or running…biking or dancing…hopping up the stairs or bounding down them, your joints have never experienced anything like Curcumin EX Plus.

Because when it comes to a natural, balanced, healthy inflammatory response, few compounds on the planet can boast the same power as curcumin.

And Curcumin EX Plus delivers one of the fastest acting, longest lasting and most easily absorbed forms of curcumin ever discovered.

Plus, you’ll be getting the added power of both resveratrol and red wine polyphenols.

That means joint-soothing, flexibility-promoting, mobility-enhancing benefits…with less waiting

In one recent study, people taking 500 mg of curcumin per day (the same amount of curcumin you’ll get in each daily dose of Curcumin EX Plus) reported 44.5% overall improvement and 60% less discomfort. And while almost everyone reported at least a 20% decrease in stiffness…

More than a third of patients reported a 70% decrease in stiffness

What’s more, researchers saw a 52% reduction in C-reactive protein, an important blood chemical that indicates inflammation in the body.

Curcumin can also help prevent the production of an inflammatory chemical called cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2).

Proof positive that curcumin goes to the root of the problem…it doesn’t just cover it up temporarily.

The amazing benefits of Curcumin EX Plus keep going and going.

Balanced blood sugar…healthy, comfortable
digestion…and superior anti-aging power

Just in this short time you’ve been reading this letter, new studies continue to emerge, singing the praises of curcumin.

Researchers have known since 1972 that curcumin can help promote balanced blood sugar. And those findings have been confirmed time and again.

Today, we also know that its antioxidant power helps protect pancreatic beta cells—the cells responsible for producing insulin in the body.

Curcumin’s ability to promote a healthy inflammatory response also makes it a fantastic nutrient for people with digestive concerns—promoting healthy, comfortable digestion and elimination.

It can even help eliminate heartburn!

And its antioxidant power makes it one of your best weapons against the negative effects of aging.

Of course, teaming the highly absorbable Cavamax® curcumin with resveratrol and red wine polyphenols only boosts your super-protective antioxidant arsenal.

And you can be among the first to try it for yourself…
absolutely RISK-FREE

My first supplies of Curcumin EX Plus are arriving at my warehouse as I share this with you.

That means you can be among the first to feel, first hand, how Curcumin EX Plus goes to work FAST:

But you don’t have to take my word for it. You can order Curcumin EX Plus and try it for yourself, absolutely RISK-FREE.

In fact…

You have a FULL 6 Months to decide if
Curcumin EX Plus is right for you

Don’t wait. Order your RISK-FREE supply today and try it for as long as you like.

Simply give us a call and we’ll refund every penny (less shipping).

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You can have a lifetime of optimal health, comfort, and peace of mind to look forward to…

So why wait another minute?

Be among the first to try Curcumin EX Plus for yourself. Order now and save!

Thrive in Health and Wellness,


Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.

P.S. The mainstream medical establishment makes trillions of dollars, every year, by feeding you temporary solutions that never get to the root of your health concerns. But Curcumin EX Plus delivers some of the fastest-acting, most powerful antioxidants with the power to promote healthy inflammatory response—going to the root cause of today’s most challenging health concerns. And you can be one of the first to try it for yourself, absolutely RISK-FREE.

I want the 150 benefits of Curcumin EX Plus


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