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Introducing a New Breakthrough
In Blood Sugar Control
Dear Health-Conscious Reader,

When you have blood sugar concerns, it's all about achieving that magic number -- 100 mg/dl or less.

The number that means your spouse will stop worrying about you.

The number that means your doctor will stop lecturing you.

The number that means your health is on track.

The number that means your blood sugar is under control.

Your spouse and your doctor are nagging you for good reason: You're teetering on the edge of a cliff with your health, and they don't want you to risk spending your retirement years in a wheelchair.

You see, over time, out of control blood sugar often leads to serious health issues, making it much more difficult to maintain the health of your heart, eyes, kidneys, circulation system and even your brain.

While I know from my more than two decades of experience as a practicing physician that 90% of fighting elevated blood glucose is up to the patient, I also know that to be successful, you may need some help getting started.

Break the Vicious Cycle

Elevated blood sugar can create a vicious cycle of weight gain, sugar cravings, and energy depletion. It's not your fault -- it's just the way your body reacts to a glucose-insulin imbalance. You wouldn't have these carb cravings and such low energy if you didn't have insulin issues.

There is no doubt that watching your diet and staying active are vitally important. And keep in mind that even small changes can make a big difference. Losing just 5%-7% of your body weight can have a dramatic impact on your blood sugar levels.

But, as I tell my patients, the first step in tackling any problem is always the hardest. And that's why I'm so pleased today to introduce to you a new breakthrough discovery in blood sugar control to make it much easier for you to get started down a much healthier path.

And you'll be happy to know that it doesn't require you to create a pool of sweat at the gym each day, or have the discipline of a Trappist monk at the dinner table.

In fact, in just 30 seconds a day you can have the help you need to break the elevated blood sugar cycle and get your blood sugar level under control. And get both your spouse and your doctor off your back.

The Simple Secret to Controlling Your Blood Sugar

I'm Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, Medical Director of the Center for New Medicine in Orange County, California. Of the hundreds of patients who visit my clinic each week, elevated blood sugar is one of the most common, and controllable, situations I see.

What I find shocking is how many patients have put their health on autopilot, and that many doctors aren't proactive in addressing this problem. If you have any of the following symptoms, you may have undetected elevated blood sugar:

Weight gain -- especially around your abdomen
Unusual thirst
Loss of physical or mental energy
Frequent urination
High blood pressure
Frequent infections
Blurred vision
Craving for carbs and sugars
More frequent yeast infections (women)
More frequent performance issues in the bedroom (men)

While these symptoms are often subtle, the consequences associated with them can be very serious.

The good news is that you don't have to visit me at my clinic to get the help you need to get your blood sugar under control.

Today I want to let you in on a little secret -- a breakthrough discovery that will help you break this vicious cycle.

No, it's not a new pharmaceutical drug. (Thank goodness, because those too often have nasty side effects like increasing your appetite -- just what you need!!)

It's also not a new type of monitoring meter or the latest exercise fad, or a miracle food.

And I'm not even talking about yesterday's nutrients like basic chromium and cinnamon. While you'll see a lot of blood sugar supplements out there with these ingredients in them, I've found something MORE ADVANCED and MUCH BETTER.

This new breakthrough combination of nutrients has helped real people just like you get control over their blood sugar levels. And for me, watching their transformations has been nothing short of amazing.

These patients find that once their blood sugar levels are under control, it's like giving themselves a new lease on life.

Just think what it would be like to enjoy:

Having tons of energy to go ALL DAY LONG, without needing an afternoon nap to recharge your batteries...
Thinking more clearly and being able to remember people's lists...thoughts in an instant, without feeling like, "It's on the tip of my tongue!"...
Having an easier time maintaining a healthy weight, without fad diets or foregoing all of your favorite foods...
Seeing road signs, menus, and fine details more clearly...without fuzzy vision...
Having a romantic evening with that special someone...without worrying about performance issues!
Being able to do EVERYTHING, from stair-climbing to bike riding, with less joint discomfort...

These amazing natural breakthrough nutrients may just be the missing link you've been searching for to help you get your blood sugar under control.

And I'll share them with you in just a minute. First, I want to tell you why I'm such as stickler about blood sugar with all of my patients.

The Truth About Blood Sugar

There's not a patient that comes into my clinic that doesn't get a thorough workup on blood sugar levels.

That's because blood sugar, or glucose, is your body's primary source of energy. Every cell in your body needs energy to do its job properly.

Your brain cells need energy from glucose to function efficiently.
Your muscle cells need energy from glucose to do things like taking a walk, swinging a golf club, or actively playing with your grandchildren.
Your liver cells need energy from glucose to filter out harmful toxins.

Your body converts the food you eat into glucose. But glucose cannot enter your cells directly. Your pancreas produces a hormone called insulin which helps to usher the glucose into your cells.

Think of insulin as a key, which unlocks the receptors in your cells so glucose can enter and go to work fueling all your thoughts, movements, organs and systems.

But too much glucose can cause your body to go haywire. Either your pancreas stops producing adequate amounts of insulin, or your cells don't accept insulin properly. This creates a situation where there's too much glucose in your blood, and not enough energy getting to your cells, where it's needed.

Either way, every cell in your body is affected when your blood sugar levels are out of balance.

Unfortunately, over time, when your blood sugar is out of whack, every system in your body can be compromised and it becomes more difficult for your other organs to stay healthy. It becomes more difficult to maintain the health of your heart, eyes, kidneys, and even your brain.

That's right. Researchers recently found that people with blood sugar imbalances have a higher chance of experiencing cognitive impairment. They scored lower on cognitive tests that measured memory, speed, and ability to multi-task.

Blood Sugar Problems Have Become an Epidemic

One in three Americans (or over 100 million people) have difficulty maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, I even see this statistic reflected in my own clinic: Over the past decade or so, I've seen a staggering increase in the number of patients who have out-of-balance blood sugar levels.

The sad thing is that many of these people don't know that their blood sugar problems can be controlled, with a little help.

Breakthrough Nutrients for
Conquering Blood Sugar

As my patients know, I strongly prefer natural solutions and I'm always looking for new natural approaches. That's why, where blood glucose is concerned, I encourage my patients to make healthier exercise and food choices. These are good steps to managing weight and getting your body back to its natural state of being able to control its own glucose levels.

But you may need a boost to get started!

I want to make it as easy as possible for my patients and readers to achieve success. That's why for many years, targeted nutritional supplements have been a part of my blood sugar protocol. Years ago, I was recommending supplements with nutrients like chromium and cinnamon to help balance blood sugar.

But recently, I have discovered some natural nutrients that blow away these other supplements in terms of their efficacy with blood sugar management. They really are the next generation in natural blood sugar support.

These nutrients provide the help you may need to break the cycle of sugar cravings and low energy, helping you control your blood sugar levels more quickly and easily.

I have been so encouraged by the results I have seen in my clinic that I want to share this amazing blood sugar breakthroughs with you. That way, you too can get the help you may need to get well, stay well, and thrive for many years to come.

An Aggressive Natural Approach

I put all of my recommended blood sugar nutrients together in a state-of-the-art formula called Complete Glucose Support. I'm so excited about bringing this supplement to you because this unique blood sugar-balancing supplement helps your body support healthy glucose and hemoglobin levels both BEFORE and AFTER eating.

In just 30 seconds a day, or the time it will take you to take three capsules, you will get the help you may need to achieve a healthy glucose-insulin balance. Even more amazing is that Complete Glucose Support also helps protect the health of your heart, kidneys, and other organs that can be affected by blood sugar imbalances.

In other words, my Complete Glucose Support is a totally comprehensive solution for glucose management. And when used in combination with a basic program of moderate exercise and a healthier diet, I know it will make a tremendous difference in your life.

Be Careful...It Might Work Too Well!

Complete Glucose Support combines four ingredients that work together to balance your blood sugar. Not only does each nutrient contribute a unique health benefit for blood sugar control, but I made sure to include the most scientifically advanced forms of these nutrients, in the dosages that research has proven provides the most effective blood sugar support.

Here are the ingredients I chose to include in this revolutionary supplement:

Zychrome—Not Your
Mother's Chromium Supplement

The fact that I included chromium in Complete Glucose Support is not unique in and of itself. In fact, go to any store selling nutritional supplements, and you'll see that most supplements for blood glucose support will have chromium in them.

But I insisted upon a revolutionary new form of chromium called Zychrome that's SAFER, plus it's TWICE AS EFFECTIVE as regular chromium in helping insulin work more effectively.

Chromium is an essential trace mineral that is critically important for helping the body make glucose tolerance factor, which helps glucose and insulin function together properly. In fact, the scientists who discovered this fact a half-century ago concluded that a deficiency of chromium was a major contributor to blood sugar problems, and that most Americans were deficient in this vital mineral. In fact, only one in 10 Americans has an adequate amount of chromium in his or her diet.

Chromium picolinate is the form most commonly used for supplementation. And many research studies, including one funded by the National Institutes of Health, have proven it beneficial for controlling blood glucose levels and cholesterol. But it's difficult to assess specific amounts for supplementation, because people have different tolerances for the mineral. And as with most minerals, there is a risk of toxicity if you ingest too much chromium.

That's why I decided to include an advanced and much more effective form of chromium in Complete Glucose Support. Zychrome ™ is the next generation, patent-pending "super chromium" containing 9% elemental chromium, niacin, and L-cysteine. Zychrome is:

Backed by strong clinical research data
Proven to be safe
More powerful and easily absorbed into your body
Very effective even at a low dosage level
Twice as effective as regular chromium!

In the laboratory, Zychrome™ outperformed other chromium compounds in all of the areas that are most critical for people with blood sugar concerns--improving glucose metabolism, helping balance inflammation, and enhancing antioxidant status.

The researchers found that Zychrome helped improve before-meal blood sugar levels 33% better than chromium picolinate alone. Zychrome was twice as effective as chromium at helping the body use insulin more effectively. And Zychrome was 20% more effective at helping the body maintain healthy inflammatory response.

All in all, Zychrome proved to be superior in helping manage all of the critical markers of blood glucose control, which is why I chose this form of chromium for my blood sugar balancing supplement.

Berberine--An Exclusive, Breakthrough Ingredient

I've been using berberine successfully in my clinic for some time and I've seen first-hand how well it works to help people stabilize their blood sugar. And excellent, peer-reviewed research studies that have been published in respected medical journals mirror what I have been seeing in my clinic. However, this breakthrough ingredient isn't found in generic supplement brands. But I knew I had to include it in my Complete Glucose Support formulation.

Berberine, a natural plant alkaloid derived from herbs like goldenseal, attacks blood sugar from several different directions:

1. Berberine helps insulin do its job more effectively by activating an enzyme, AMPK, responsible for regulating the process by which your cells take in glucose.
2. Berberine facilitates the synthesis of a substance in the muscles and fat cells in your body called glucose transporter 4, which basically carries glucose from the bloodstream into your cells.
3. Berberine helps the body maintain a normal inflammatory response. Thus, it has excellent effects on your cardiovascular system as well as on blood sugar and detoxification.
4. Berberine promotes healthy bile flow, an important pathway for disposing of toxins.
5. Berberine may help maintain healthy cholesterol. Preliminary research on animals looks very promising reducing both total and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

So as you can see, berberine is essential to any blood glucose control program because it gives you such well-rounded support for healthy blood glucose levels. It:

Helps your body metabolize glucose better,
Helps your cells utilize glucose, and
Supports healthy insulin levels

Plus, it helps protect other areas of your body that are most vulnerable to damage from unhealthy glucose levels, such as your cardiovascular system, your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and your body's ability to adequately dispose of toxins.

I included a full 1,000 mg of berberine, a dosage shown to be highly effective in research studies, in Complete Glucose Support.

Two "Gold Standard" Nutrients for Healthy Blood Sugar

My ideal blood sugar formula would not be complete without the addition of two "gold standard" nutrients for blood sugar management -- gymnema sylvestre and alpha lipoic acid. These two herbs have a lot of good data behind them, not to mention that they have worked wonders for many of my patients concerned about controlling blood sugar.

Gymnema sylvestre is an ancient herb that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for more than 2,000 years. Fortunately, modern research has confirmed what ancient practitioners have known all along--that Gymnema helps balance blood sugar by helping glucose get reabsorbed into the blood.

Even more amazing is that gymnema appears to support the health of your beta cells, the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. These are the cells that produce and secrete insulin, and not many substances are capable of supporting beta cell health in this way.

I included alpha lipoic acid for several reasons. First, it is a powerful antioxidant that will help protect your cells from damaging free radicals, which are a threat for everyone, but particularly for people with blood sugar concerns.

Second, alpha lipoic acid has also been shown to help balance blood sugar. Alpha lipoic acid is essential for proper blood glucose support, because it:

Helps maintain normal insulin sensitivity
Helps reduce fasting blood glucose and post-meal blood glucose already in the normal range
Promotes healthy insulin function

Finally, alpha lipoic acid helps maintain the health of the peripheral nerves in the hands and feet, a common concern of people with blood sugar issues. So if tingly hands and feet are preventing you from being as active as you should be, then Complete Glucose Support can help your hands and feet feel better, so you can get up and move once again!

Shock Your Doctor at Your Next Checkup

I'm thrilled to be able to bring you the same revolutionary blood glucose-balancing nutrients that have worked so well for my patients in one new breakthrough formula. And, after a few months, your doctor may be shocked with the improvements in your blood sugar levels.

The reason this formula is so effective is that I created it to support all aspects of blood sugar management.

Complete Glucose Support helps:

Regulate blood glucose levels both before and after meals
Promote glucose metabolism, glucose tolerance, and glucose transport to your cells
Support insulin sensitivity.

Plus, it protects the parts of your body that are vulnerable to damage from imbalanced blood glucose levels -- like your cardiovascular system, your cholesterol and triglycerides, your peripheral nerves, your body's detoxification system, and more.

Next, I made sure to include the most advanced forms of these nutrients, in the amounts that were proven effective in research studies.

Complete Glucose Support contains:

400 mcg of Zychrome, the form of chromium which has been proven twice as effective, and safer, than regular chromium.
1,000 mg of Berberine, a rare but potent herb that has had great success with both blood sugar and detoxification
600 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid, for outstanding antioxidant protection throughout your whole body as well as support for your peripheral nerves
400 mg of Gymnema Sylvestre, one of the few substances that support the health of your insulin-producing cells.

Prepare To Feel Better!

The bottom line is that by taking Complete Glucose Support, you'll be protecting the health of your kidneys, heart, eyes, and other vital organs, and you will feel better! Prepare to be astounded at the health improvements you'll actually experience. You will have:

More energy
A better memory
A normal appetite
Decreased need to urinate frequently
Less thirst
Improved bedroom performance

And when you feel better, you can focus on leading the life you want to live--without worrying about your blood sugar!

Safe, Effective and Guaranteed

I'm so confident that Complete Glucose Support will help you control your blood sugar, that I'm happy to offer this 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase of Complete Glucose Support, just return the unused portion, up to a full year after purchase, for a full refund, less any shipping and handling.

While Complete Glucose Support is generally very safe to take, I do suggest that when adding Complete Glucose Support to your blood glucose regimen you work with your doctor to monitor your blood glucose levels.

It's Now or Never

I know from my more than two decades of experience as a practicing physician that to break the vicious cycle of sugar cravings and weight gain you may need some help. And every day you wait to get started makes it that much tough to get your blood sugar under control.

That's why I created Complete Glucose Support. It's the unique supplement based on nutrients that have proven to be just the boost my patients need to help them get their blood sugar levels under control and keep them there. I urge you to give it a try. I believe Complete Glucose Support's breakthrough blend of ingredients will make a big difference for you.

Take advantage of this special trial offer and start taking control of your blood sugar today!

Thrive in Health & Wellness,

Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.

P.S. I've assembled a breakthrough combination of blood sugar-balancing nutrients into one formula called Complete Glucose Support. Its unique ingredients are up to twice as effective as other supplements at helping you manage your blood sugar levels. Try it risk-free, and start feeling better today!

TO ORDER BY PHONE, CALL: 800-634-0905
Complete Glucose Support
A multi-dimensional approach to helping you manage your blood glucose levels. Complete Glucose Control can help:

Support healthy blood glucose levels, both before and after meals
Supports healthy glucose disposal and metabolism
Promotes healthy insulin function
Twice as effective as regular chromium picolinate in managing insulin function
Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
Helps support healthy detoxification function
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TO ORDER BY PHONE, CALL: 800-634-0905
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