Enhanced Male

This safe, natural extract can boost your testosterone by up to 130% in just eight weeks helping you…

MAN UP in the bedroom!

Feel new levels of sexual drive, endurance, confidence, and power for the most amazing sex you’ve ever had

Dear Health-Conscious Reader,

Do you find yourself at that age where “bedroom performance” is more of a snooze-fest than the steamy sexcapades of your 20s and 30s?

That’s about to change.

I’m about to introduce you to a powerful, natural way to roll back the clock on your sexual prowess—by 15, even 20 years—transforming your sex drive, energy, and endurance in ways you never thought possible.

Jaw-dropping research shows that an extract from the roots of one ancient Indian shrub can boost your testosterone levels by more than 130% in as little as eight weeks.

That means not only more strength, more energy and more endurance, but…

Lasting, spontaneous erections—whenever the moment is right
Heightened sexual arousal—morning, noon, or night
More drive, desire, and endurance for “repeat performances”
The mind-blowing sex you thought was gone with your 40s

Without expensive prescriptions…without dangerous side effects…and without EVER waiting around for a pill to “kick in”.

Plus, studies show this ancient extract can help…

Boost your muscle strength AND size by more than 50%

Healthy testosterone levels can also help you stay mentally sharp and on top of your game…
Even reduce stress and promote healthy circulation and cardiovascular health.

And, just in case great sex and powerful muscles aren’t enough for you…

Healthy, balanced testosterone levels can give you a tremendous boost in confidence and swagger…a more positive outlook. You may even notice that you drop a few inches around your waistline.

Safely, naturally, and in as little as eight weeks.

So, I don’t care if it’s been weeks, months, or YEARS since the last time you had mind-blowing sex…

This potent natural extract could be the best thing to happen to men since…women!

It comes from the root of a shrub called ashwagandha. Native to India, its name literally translates to “strength of a horse.”[1]

And you’ll feel the strength, that’s for sure.

Because, in double-blind, placebo-controlled, human trials, this extract was shown to help…

Boost testosterone levels by up to 137%
Charge up men’s muscle strength by 54% compared to exercise alone
Increase their muscle size by 51% compared to exercise alone
Fuel up men’s physical endurance during physical activity

All in as little as 8 weeks!

This is the men’s health “game changer” you’ve been waiting for—without a prescription and without waiting for a pill to “kick in”

And because ashwagandha also acts as an adaptogen, working gently, with your body—helping you adjust to stresses while easing the effects of aging—you don’t have to worry about jitters or “rushes”.

In other words, this won’t turn you into the Incredible Hulk overnight.

But it will definitely help you…

Regain your masculine edge, charge up your endurance, and reignite your sexual prowess

In ancient times, this pungent root was harvested, dried, ground up, and added to teas or warm milk to help ease stress, boost libido, and slow the effects of aging.

It took a fair amount of time and effort to tap into those benefits, but it was worth it!

But, for you, it’ll take no effort at all—we’ve done all the work for you.

The ashwagandha I’m about to introduce you to is among the purest, most highly standardized forms available today—the result of 14 years of research.

It’s produced using a first-of-its-kind extraction process, based on “green-chemistry” techniques that don’t require alcohol or any other chemical solvents.

So you get only the purest, most potent ashwagandha.

The exact same form and dosage of ashwagandha shown in studies to safely boost your testosterone levels by up to 137%

Our team of experts who create our formulations chose this form as the key ingredient in this leading-edge breakthrough in men’s health. Always ensuring that we’re using research-backed dosages without ever skimping on quality.

A powerful, natural way to help…

Ensure lasting, natural, spontaneous erections
Promote sexual arousal and a healthy libido
Boost energy and endurance during physical activities
Increase muscle size and strength (by more than 50%!)

Plus, you’ll feel a natural lift in confidence and swagger—you’ll be sharp, focused and on top of your game.

Whether it’s in the office, on the golf course, or just chatting with your friends.

In fact, don’t be surprised if everyone else notices the difference too

The renewed sparkle in your eye…the youthful spring in your step.

They may even notice your waistline’s gotten a little slimmer.

Tired of all the over-blown promises she saw on TV—I’m sure you’ve seen the same ads about “low T”—she went in search of a safe, effective, natural way to promote healthy testosterone levels…without the risks you hear about in those TV ads.

Now she’s identified Nature’s most optimal solutions…backed by double-blind, placebo-controlled, human clinical trials.

And in just another minute, you’ll have chance to feel the difference for yourself. But first I want to tell you about…

The organic compound that can boost your testosterone by another 30%

Chances are you’ve heard of the element boron. But, if you’re like most, you’ve never given it so much as a second thought…especially when it comes to your health.

That’s because, until very recently, science just didn’t pay much attention to its health benefits.

But I’m about to change that.

Because, as it turns out, an organic form of boron, found primarily in fruits, veggies, and beans, can deliver some pretty exciting benefits for men like us.

For one, it’s been shown to help boost testosterone levels by nearly 30%.

It’s also been shown to help support prostate health—the gland most closely tied to your testosterone levels, sexual health, and masculinity.

In one study, the men who ate the most organic boron had a 64% greater chance of maintaining a healthy prostate.

And in an animal study, boron helped lower PSA, a key biomarker for prostate health, by 86–89%!

Of course, because Newport Natural Health insists on only the best of the best, we’ve identified a patented, nature-identical form of organic boron backed by ten years of published research.

It’s called FruiteX-B® and when it comes to ensuring healthy testosterone levels, a satisfying sex life, AND a healthy prostate, you can’t ask for a better complement to ashwagandha.

But then we took this formula one step further and added an amino acid shown to help promote…

Strong, spontaneous, lasting, natural erections—relive your “30s sex life” at nearly any age

Have you heard of l-arginine?

As a health-savvy man, you may have seen it listed as an ingredient in other men’s health supplements.

That’s because l-arginine helps the body kick off the bio-chemical process that helps you achieve strong, healthy erections.

It helps promote healthy circulation and opens blood vessels so that blood can flow to your penis during sexual arousal.

But we purposely didn’t include l-arginine in this formula.

You see, the problem with l-arginine is that, when you take it as a supplement, a lot of it is broken down and eliminated in your intestines before it can get into your blood stream.

So, to get the most out of l-arginine you have to take a LOT.

But l-citrulline, an amino acid similar to l-arginine, isn’t broken down or eliminated the same way. AND, once it’s absorbed into your bloodstream, your body turns it into l-arginine.

So, odd as it may sound, l-citrulline actually makes more l-arginine in the body than l-arginine does.

If that sounds confusing, all you have to know is this:

When things start heating up in the bedroom, l-citrulline helps ensure blood gets right down to where you need it most…better than l-arginine…and better than those mainstream, TV ad solutions.

So when the mood strikes and the moment is right…you’ll be ready, willing, AND able

Without waiting. And without hoping it’ll “work”.

You’ll have the confidence, the stamina, and the get-up-and-go you need to enjoy a truly satisfying sex life.

It’s also worth noting that those TV ad solutions tend to only address your “equipment”.

They do absolutely nothing to support your health as a whole.

But this perfect combination of ashwagandha, FruiteX-B®, and l-citrulline goes to work from day one…

Boosting testosterone for masculine confidence, endurance, and drive
Building stronger, leaner muscles helping you look and feel confident and manly
Ensuring natural, lasting erections; sexual arousal; and libido
Promoting healthy circulation, especially to your penis, for spontaneous sexual encounters
Supporting a positive mood and youthful vibrancy

They may even help you drop a few extra pounds along the way.

That’s why we call this men’s health breakthrough, Enhanced Male

You’ll get everything you need to maintain your edge and stay sharp and on top of your game.

And because you take it daily, just like a multivitamin, it’s totally discreet—no one will ever know you’re taking it.

But believe me…your wife…your buddies…your coworkers…they’ll notice the difference in your outlook, your vibrancy, even the way you carry yourself.

And they’re all going to want to know your secret.

But this formula has one more trick up its sleeve…and it’s a biggie.

Men with the highest intake of this vitamin also have the highest levels of testosterone

Estimates show that as many as 50% of American adults are deficient in vitamin D.

Also known as the sunshine vitamin, your body uses the sun’s UV-B rays to convert cholesterol into vitamin D3.

But fear of sunburn, skin damage, and cancer has forced many of us to spend less time in the sun, use heavy sunblocks, and stay fully covered when out in the sun.

Combined with the fact that it isn’t easy to get adequate vitamin D from diet, we’re seeing a dangerous epidemic of vitamin D deficiency.

Among the many problems we’re seeing as a result, research shows that low levels of vitamin D are associated with low levels of testosterone.

But research also shows that, by correcting vitamin D deficiency, men’s testosterone levels increased by as much as 25%.

So we were sure to include a whopping 833% of the recommended dietary allowance of vitamin D…the same dosage shown effective in studies!

For top-notch support for optimal testosterone levels—masculine confidence, drive, strength and endurance

Whether we like it or not, our testosterone levels start dropping right after our 30th birthday…with a steady decline of about 1% every year.

So, if you’re a man over 60, you’ve already lost about a third of your testosterone.

It’s one of Nature’s cruelest tricks.

But Enhanced Male can help you defy Nature!

Studies show that the ingredients in Enhanced Male can help…

Boost your testosterone for masculine drive, strength, and endurance
Build bigger, stronger, leaner muscles helping you look and feel fit and confident
Ensure a healthy sex life with natural, lasting erections whenever the moment is right
Promote healthy circulation, especially to your “equipment”, for spontaneous sexual encounters
Support an upbeat attitude and a competitive edge

They may even help you drop a few extra pounds along the way.

In as little as eight short weeks!

Plus, since you take Enhanced Male every day, just like a vitamin, there’s no waiting around for it to “kick in”.

It works quickly, safely, and it’s completely discreet—only you will ever know your secret!

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Because Enhanced Male is a Newport Natural Health product, you’re protected by our…

Three-month, unconditional, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

That means, like every Newport Natural Health product, you can put Enhanced Male for the test for a full three months.

We’re proud to have a 97% customer satisfaction rating. That means our products are the real deal—97% of the people taking Newport Natural Health products are getting the results they’re looking for.

But what’s MOST important is that our products work for YOU.

So, if you don’t notice a huge difference in your sex drive…your strength and endurance…

If you’re not feeling vibrant, fitter, and more confident…

If you’re not 100% blown away by Enhanced Male, at any time and for any reason, simply return it within the next three months for a refund of every penny (less shipping).

So, don’t let Nature toy with your masculinity.

You have nothing at all to lose.

But the gains? They speak for themselves.

Confidence, energy, increased muscle strength, and the power to turn the clock back on your sex life in ways you thought could only happen in movies. Don’t wait another minute. Claim your risk-free supply of this amazing natural breakthrough now!

Yours in health and wellness,

Lily Moran

President & Publisher, Newport Natural Health

P.S. Imagine having amazing sex without waiting for pills to kick in. Or, how about a 50% increase in muscle size and strength (when combined with exercise)…a boost of endurance, confidence, and masculine swagger? Well, leading-edge research shows that this extract can help you enjoy all of these things and more! Ready to try it for yourself? Order your risk-free supply now!

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