Tips for Summer Weight Loss


Weight loss tends to be more of a wintertime goal; think: New Year’s Resolutions. On top of that, there seems to be a push every winter and spring to be “bathing suit ready” by the time summer rolls around.

But that doesn’t mean that the summer season isn’t an ideal time to start your weight loss journey. In fact, if you have some excess pounds to shed and you’re feeling motivated to get started, there’s no better time than right now!

There are plenty of reasons why the summer can be the perfect time to start your weight loss journey. The most obvious is the weather. Everyone has probably experienced the lack of motivation that comes from not wanting to leave the house when it’s freezing cold and gloomy out. But during the summer, the entire outdoors is your playground!

With that said, here are some tips on how to use the warmer weather (and everything that comes with it) to your benefit and make losing weight not only fun, but a little easier.

Exercise Outdoors

In the frigid winter months, most people wouldn’t dream of going for a run or swim outside. But summer warmth opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to outdoor fitness.

Of course, if you like going to the gym and working out in air conditioning, that’s fine. But exercising outdoors allows you to burn calories while not only getting fresh air, but also sunshine—which increases your body’s natural production of vitamin D. The options are endless:
  • - Go for a walk, run, or bike ride in your neighborhood
  • - Go swimming
  • - Play tennis or badminton
  • - Give beach volleyball a go if you’re lucky enough to live near the beach
  • - Try paddle boarding or canoeing if you have a lake nearby
  • - Create your own high-intensity interval training workout at your local park
  • Drink Water

    Of course, the summer heat means you should be drinking more water than you would during the wintertime so you don’t get dehydrated. But this extra water consumption helps with weight loss too. How? A few ways! 
  • Water acts as an appetite suppressant. It passes through your system and reaches your stomach quickly, stretching it and sending the signal to your brain that you’re stomach is full.
  • Ice cold water may boost your metabolism by stimulating thermogenesis (heat production). The body uses energy to warm the water, and the more energy used, the faster your metabolism runs.
  • Water helps “move things along” so you don’t experience constipation, bloating, and resulting weight gain.
  • Indulge in Summer Produce

    Summer fruits and vegetables are not only nutritious and delicious, they’re low in calories. Some of the in-season produce you can easily enjoy (or better yet, grow in your own garden) include:

    • Cucumber
    • Zucchini
    • Corn
    • Spinach
    • Peppers
    • Tomatoes
    • Blueberries
    • Raspberries
    • Watermelon
    • Peaches
    • Cantaloupe

    Many of these fruits happen to have high water content as well, which aids in hydration. Win-win!

    Herbs and spices are also plentiful in the summer. They’re easy to grow and use for simple summer dishes and marinades. While winter often calls for heavier, more calorie-dense meals like rich soups and stews, summer lends itself to lighter fare like grilled proteins and vegetables. Lower calorie—yet still delicious and fulfilling meals—lead to sustained weight loss over time, without feeling deprived.

    Take advantage of farmer’s markets and co-ops that allow you to take advantage of locally grown food in your area!

    Supplements that Boost Your Efforts

    Newport Natural Health provides supplements that can help in your weight loss journey too. One of the most comprehensive we offer is Complete Weight Management.

    This program includes daily packets that contain all the nutrients you need to make your weight loss journey a little easier. When used as directed, it is designed to metabolize carbohydrates and fats, increase your energy, and as a result help you lose weight. 

    The best part is that you won’t need to majorly restrict anything other than what you should be avoiding in the first place: junk foods that contain sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.

    Each daily packet contains 6 tablets:

    • One appetite control capsule containing L-phenylalanine—an amino acid that works to reduce cravings and control appetite. L-phenylalanine works by releasing cholecystokinin (CCK), a hormone that helps you feel full and satisfied, decreasing your desire to eat more. It also increases the production of norepinephrine, a brain chemical that has a lot of functions, one of which is boosting fat loss.
    • Three appetite control capsules with vitamins and minerals known to metabolize sugars and carbohydrates, including chromium—an essential mineral especially important for blood sugar management. 
    • One tablet with calcium and magnesium. These nutrients support the heart, bones, teeth, muscles, and nerve function.
    • One energy tablet to elevate mood, boost energy levels, and metabolize carbs, fats, and proteins. Ingredients include Korean ginseng, bee pollen, and guarana.

    The Complete Weight Management system is a 28-day program, but it can be used up to 14 weeks.

    In addition, you may want to try a topical that can help smooth out skin and reduce the appearance of fat and cellulite. Newport Natural Health’s Fat Burner Cream is one product you may want to try.

    It contains ingredients like deoxycholic acid, phosphatidylcholine, and hyaluronic acid, all of which can make a difference in the appearance of fat and cellulite. 

    Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid that the body naturally produces. Its job is to break down and absorb fat from the diet. When injected into fat cells, deoxycholic acid breaks down fat by destroying the cell membrane. Over the span of several weeks, the dissolved fat gets cleared out of the body via the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

    Hyaluronic acid is a component of connective tissue. Its function is to cushion, lubricate, and plump the skin. And phosphatidylcholine helps break down fat and assists in its elimination.

    The Bottom Line

    Whether you decide right now, or six months from now, that you want or need to lose weight, we congratulate you on making your health a priority! If you’re starting on that journey now, we hope these tips make losing weight in the next few months a little easier, and possibly even more fun.