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Health Enthusiast Gift Guide—Save 20% now

December 11, 2019
Lily Moran

Do you have a health guru in your life? Need the perfect gift inspiration? Below are a few of our favorite brands that would be the perfect fit for the person in your life that makes their health  top priority. What’s the best part? Every brand included in this gift guide is providing you with 20% OFF the selected products below! 

Use code: HEALTHGUIDE at checkout to receive 20% OFF. Discount ends December 31st 11:59pm EST.

Our Botanicals | Healing Tea

It is a perfect way to bring the healing power of natural herbs to your body throughout the day. Plus, making and drinking tea is always a beautiful way to have a special ceremonial time just for you and your wellness. 

La Lune Naturals | Indian Healing Clay

Create a home spa experience with our 100% Pure Indian Healing Clay to enhance your health and beauty. Why use harsh chemicals on your skin when you can fight wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin the natural way? 

Nutrisage | Mood Enhancement

This must have natural vitamin stress management dietary supplement can effectively help you relieve anxiety, tension, irritability, depression, panic and fatigue. As a result, you will feel calm and you will be able to enhance your overall performance.

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Chronic Inflammation Decoded

Newport Natural Health | Probiotic

A good probiotic is a cornerstone of optimal gut health. This custom formula helps support regularity, nutrient absorption, and immune system. It contains six powerful probiotic strains that add over 10 billion good bacteria to your intestinal tract. Special technology called “micro-encapsulation” ensures quality protection so the bacteria remains effective—all without requiring refrigeration. 

Tranquility Labs |Turmeric

Curcumin is a compound found in Turmeric root that has been celebrated for its curative powers for centuries. This special full-spectrum formula contains raw turmeric root, amplified by a potent curcumin extract to fight free radicals and inflammation, while supporting cardiovascular and digestive health.

Amaki Skincare | Bath Soak

Our Flowers and Salts Bath Soak relaxes your body leaving you with a wonderful feeling of calm and harmony. The bath soak includes many benefits like antibacterial properties, stress relief, slows down skin aging, and heals cuts and bruises.

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