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Herring Super Salad

August 20, 2012 (Updated: October 8, 2018)
Lily Moran

Here’s a quick, easy, and refreshing salad for a summer day. Herring is one of the fish often listed as a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Simply purchase a jar of either pickled herring or the sour cream version and add to your favorite leafy greens and raw veggies.

Serves 4


  • 1 jar pickled herring or herring in sour cream
  • 2 cups mixed leafy salad greens per serving
  • 1 sliced hard-boiled egg per serving
  • Raw sliced cucumbers, radishes, carrots, celery, or other vegetables
  • 1/3 cup Newport Natural Salad Dressing


1. Arrange leafy greens, hard-boiled eggs, and veggies on as many salad plates as necessary.

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2. Top with 1/2 cup or so of herring fillets per salad.

3. Drizzle with salad dressing. Add sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.

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