Vision & Hearing

Vision and hearing are two of our most important senses. It’s how we take in the world around us, and ensuring that you maintain good eyesight and hearing throughout your life will help you as you age.

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Hearing Aids for Emotional Wellbeing

Too many people deal with hearing loss by turning up the TV or accusing others of mumbling. This is classic denial behavior. I see it in my patients all the time, and it creates real problems for the person with | Read More…

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Preserve Your Hearing with Supplements and Ear Plugs

Misunderstanding directions, constantly asking people to repeat themselves, avoiding noisy restaurants and social events — these are just a few of the issues created by hearing difficulties. I am not a hearing specialist or otolaryngologist, but I have counseled enough | Read More…

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Parkinson’s Disease: Symptoms, Risks, and Prevention

If you know someone with Parkinson’s disease, you know how difficult it can be to live with this illness. Often, Parkinson’s begins with tiny, almost imperceptible changes – a bit of tremor in the hand, anxiety, constipation, stiff muscles, movements | Read More…

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Salmon Dip with Crunchy Romaine Leaves

Salmon is an excellent source of good fats known as omega-3 fatty acids. Canned salmon (I prefer the small 5- or 6-ounce cans that do not contain bones or skin) is less expensive than fillets. It’s already cooked, so it’s | Read More…

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Dr. Connealy Talks Omega-3s and Vitamin D

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Pan-Fried Trout with Honey

Trout contains the same healthy omega-3 fatty acids as salmon, but it’s less expensive, and many people prefer its mild flavor. If you’re not a trout lover, this easy recipe may change your mind. Serves 2 Ingredients: 2 trout fillets | Read More…

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Roasted Winter Squash Seeds or Pumpkin Seeds

Save those seeds! Every time you prepare a squash or pumpkin, set aside the seeds for snacking. They’re easy to roast, plus squash and pumpkin seeds are full of nutritional goodness, including protein, good fats, and minerals like magnesium, potassium, | Read More…

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Teriyaki Salmon Kebabs with Vegetables

Serves 4 Here’s a dilemma: Eating certain types of fish, such as salmon, trout, and herring, provides the good fats we need for better brain functions, among other things. But fish is also polluted with mercury, something none of us | Read More…

Ted’s Memory Mystery

I first met Ted when his daughter, Helen, brought him to see me. Helen was concerned about her father’s ability to care for himself. At age 84, Ted was a widower who lived alone in a condominium complex. Neighbors had | Read More…


Have Trouble Hearing?

If you know someone with hearing loss, you know how difficult life can be. Misunderstanding directions, constantly asking people to repeat themselves, avoiding noisy restaurants and social events because it’s too difficult to hear — these are just a few | Read More…