Stress & Mood

Stress, anxiety and mood are becoming bigger issues for Americans as we find ourselves working harder and longer hours. Stress plays a much bigger role in your overall health than you may realize. These articles detail that connection, and provide some healthy ways to manage those ever-increasing stress levels.

Depression affects many people

patient with doctor
With new health regulations going into place around the country, a new epidemic has been discovered. I screen every one of my new patients for one thing: Depression. It can be difficult to spot. The major symptoms of depression—things like fatigue and blue moods—are easy to miss or misattribute to other causes. Often times—because of […]

Feel Gratitude to Feel Well

woman thanking her friend
Sometime soon this holiday season, you’re likely to find yourself sitting or standing around a table, being asked to tell everyone what you’re grateful for. You might think this is a beautiful tradition. Or you might think it’s a hokey one. But you probably don’t think of it as one essential for your mental and […]

Holiday Food Safety

family enjoying holiday meal
It’s almost here. Holiday season. For most of us, holiday season is also eating season. Not only do we have numerous family meals—often better described as feasts—but our bodies naturally want to stock up on fat supplies as the days grow shorter and colder. Of course, while food is often the centerpiece of family gatherings, […]

Anxiety Disorders and Neurotransmitters

Man and woman holding hands in the woods
Nearly one in five Americans has what’s called an anxiety disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Yes, there’s plenty to be anxious about, and in some cases, anxiety is helpful and appropriate. So to be classified as a disorder, anxiety has to be pretty serious. When it’s constant or paralyzing, when […]

Cognitive Decline and Vitamin D

woman covered up in winter sun
Score another point for vitamin D. There’s already good evidence that, in addition to its crucial role in maintaining bone health, the so-called “sunshine vitamin” can: Help regulate your immune system Reduce your risk of high blood pressure Lower your blood pressure if it’s high Reduce your risk of depression Reduce your risk of type […]

4 Healthy Behavior Teaching Tools

grandparents cooking with grandkids
All of us have important people in our life. I myself am a parent of seven. And I believe teaching my children how to live a long, healthy life is one of my most important jobs. But I also know it’s a difficult job. If you’ve ever tried to reason with a teenager, you know […]

Distracted, Drowsy, and Dehydrated Driving are Dangerous

Man and woman driving
I’m sure you know better than to drink and drive…and I’m sure you’d never allow a loved one to drive drunk. The legal penalties aside, the risk of hurting yourself or someone else is a risk that no one should be willing to take. That much isn’t controversial. You’ll have to search far and wide […]

Friendship Extends Life and Health

20150911 friendship shutterstock_302885780
Every one of us wants to live a healthy, long life. Most people assume that genetics have an overwhelming say in our longevity. Sure—lifestyle choices like diet and exercise have their place, but behavioral changes can only move you up or down from your genetic baseline. However, that view is changing. It turns out that […]

Establish New Habits in 3 Weeks

20150812 habits shutterstock_205456294
By some estimations, we are our habits. Aristotle himself said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” The same can be said about our health. Our habits—the things we do repeatedly and automatically—become our health. Do you exercise five times a week? That’s a helpful habit. Do […]

Benzodiazepine Dangers

20150715 benzodiazepine shutterstock_281885120
Important new evidence links one of America’s favorite drugs with an increased risk of one of America’s most tragic diseases: Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Benzodiazepines act on the central nervous system to cause drowsiness, relax muscles and reduce anxiety. They’re routinely prescribed to: Treat several different types of anxiety disorders and insomnia Ease […]

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