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Health and beauty tips often go overlooked as to how they can impact your actual health. Your body’s largest organ is your skin and taking care of it is vitally important. Not to be overlooked, as well, is how looking better can actually make you feel better.

Is Genetic Testing for You?

20160525 genetic testing shutterstock_224673766
There’s so much breakthrough research underway, it sometimes makes my head spin. But when I take a clear-eyed look around, I’m hugely encouraged. So many breakthroughs lead us in the same direction. It’s nothing less than a sea change in how we all can achieve or maintain tip-top health. Welcome to the epigenetics revolution Epigenetics, […]

Patient Directed Health is Essential

20160314 patient directed health care shutterstock_148295264
Earlier today, I had a patient come in with an extensive history of tests and medications. She’d seen many doctors, and had important blood work done about 5 months before she saw me. The good news—she’d done her homework, and already had a plan for what she wanted to do going forward. She had some […]

4 Health Practices to Start Today

man biking
Last week, I had a very discouraging meeting with a patient. She had gone to see numerous doctors about pain in her abdomen. After examining her a bit, they found a lump. And after going in for a biopsy, they discovered the lump was cancer that had metastasized from her breast. The cancer is now […]

Overdiagnosis is a serious medical problem

20160129 medical overdiagnosis shutterstock_44193355
We have a big problem in the medical world today. I think of it as the Carpenter Problem, because it reminds me of that old saying—when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. That’s the way most doctors treat their patients. We have a few tools—and by golly, we’re going to […]

Elder Abuse: Protect Your Loved Ones

20160120 elder abuse shutterstock_311715482
That there are people who prey on older people is truly heartbreaking. Especially when abuse is perpetrated by presumed caregivers, family, or fellow residents of a care facility. But it’s happening more frequently than ever, according to the US Adult Protective Services (APS), which is usually the first service notified of abuse. And it’s only […]

2015 Year in Review

20160101 2015 year in review shutterstock_316427147
I’m always amazed at the volume of content we create at Newport Natural Health. In 2015, we wrote more than 150 articles to bring you the latest health and wellness advice. So I understand if you missed something. It was a busy year. In the spirit of helping your memory recall, here’s a list of […]

Clean the most polluted air, indoor air

woman preparing to use natural items to clean
As the weather turns colder, most of us are closing windows and doors, and sealing ourselves inside our homes. There’s nothing wrong with that—in theory. In practice, however, this time of year always makes me nervous. That’s because the air quality indoors tends to be horrible. In fact, the worst pollution is routinely found, not […]

4 Healthy Behavior Teaching Tools

grandparents cooking with grandkids
All of us have important people in our life. I myself am a parent of seven. And I believe teaching my children how to live a long, healthy life is one of my most important jobs. But I also know it’s a difficult job. If you’ve ever tried to reason with a teenager, you know […]

Friendship Extends Life and Health

20150911 friendship shutterstock_302885780
Every one of us wants to live a healthy, long life. Most people assume that genetics have an overwhelming say in our longevity. Sure—lifestyle choices like diet and exercise have their place, but behavioral changes can only move you up or down from your genetic baseline. However, that view is changing. It turns out that […]

Hospital Safety Checklists

20150819 hospital checklist shutterstock_120981034
An emergency admission to the hospital is one of the most harrowing experiences anyone can experience—often a matter of life or death. But even an orderly, scheduled admission means patients and their caregivers have to deal with all sorts of medical and insurance information, provide and process all sorts of care and scheduling advisories, and […]

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