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Health and beauty tips often go overlooked as to how they can impact your actual health. Your body’s largest organ is your skin and taking care of it is vitally important. Not to be overlooked, as well, is how looking better can actually make you feel better.

Clean the most polluted air, indoor air

woman preparing to use natural items to clean
As the weather turns colder, most of us are closing windows and doors, and sealing ourselves inside our homes. There’s nothing wrong with that—in theory. In practice, however, this time of year always makes me nervous. That’s because the air quality indoors tends to be horrible. In fact, the worst pollution is routinely found, not […]

4 Healthy Behavior Teaching Tools

grandparents cooking with grandkids
All of us have important people in our life. I myself am a parent of seven. And I believe teaching my children how to live a long, healthy life is one of my most important jobs. But I also know it’s a difficult job. If you’ve ever tried to reason with a teenager, you know […]

Friendship Extends Life and Health

20150911 friendship shutterstock_302885780
Every one of us wants to live a healthy, long life. Most people assume that genetics have an overwhelming say in our longevity. Sure—lifestyle choices like diet and exercise have their place, but behavioral changes can only move you up or down from your genetic baseline. However, that view is changing. It turns out that […]

Hospital Safety Checklists

20150819 hospital checklist shutterstock_120981034
An emergency admission to the hospital is one of the most harrowing experiences anyone can experience—often a matter of life or death. But even an orderly, scheduled admission means patients and their caregivers have to deal with all sorts of medical and insurance information, provide and process all sorts of care and scheduling advisories, and […]

Establish New Habits in 3 Weeks

20150812 habits shutterstock_205456294
By some estimations, we are our habits. Aristotle himself said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” The same can be said about our health. Our habits—the things we do repeatedly and automatically—become our health. Do you exercise five times a week? That’s a helpful habit. Do […]

Oxytocin’s Anti-Aging Benefits

20150713 oxytocin aging shutterstock_164560664
I look forward to each new day. Each one provides me a chance to grow wiser, learn new things, and expand my life. But, as much as I treasure new experience and knowledge, each new day also brings with it a force that none of us can stop…aging. There are all sorts of problems associated […]

Natural Skin Care Regimen

20150710 natural skin care shutterstock_96083723
I’ve had several patients who think that our skin is just a big wrapper for our bones and organs. Yes, it is that. But it’s an organ itself—the largest you’ve got. So good skin care is vital for overall good health. Countless skin-care products claim to be green, natural, organic, herbal, and so on. Many […]

Review Medications at Every Doctor’s Visit

woman discusses her medications with her doctor
Two people walk into a bar. They’re of similar size and weight, have similar vital signs, similar health conditions. They each have a glass of wine. Soon, one gets tipsy. The other shows no change in behavior. Why the difference? We might guess that it’s genetic. And now, thanks to some extraordinary new technology in […]

Chikungunya Virus: What, Where, How to Avoid

Mosquito image by Dendroica cerulea, CC By 2.0
This New Year’s Eve, we learned that actress Lindsay Lohan is a victim of Chikungunya virus (CHIKV). We think Ms. Lohan contracted her illness in the Pacific islands of French Polynesia, but CHIKV is moving quickly from South America and the Caribbean into Florida…and its widespread presence throughout the U.S. is imminent. The first symptom […]

Toenail Fungus: Cause & Cure

foot being massaged
Our feet are incredibly sensitive. (One of the most feared tortures in the Spanish Inquisition was bastinado—whipping the soles of the victim’s feet. Glad you asked?) So it’s curious that a fungal toenail infection is so often a painless, and therefore unnoticed, condition. Yes, it can be relatively benign, but no, it should not be […]

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