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The food you eat has a profound effect on your health. Here you will find resources on how you can use that to your advantage with great recipes and the pros and cons of all the latest trendy diets.

Genetically Modified Salmon Approved in US

chef holding hunk of salmon
Even when we know people are missing some marbles, they can still surprise us. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the FDA has just dragged us into troubled waters— again. Last November, the agency approved human consumption of genetically modified (GM) salmon. This is the first GM animal to be so cleared—a milestone. This is […]

Health Halo Effect

20160125 health halo shutterstock_68770966
Have you heard of the health halo effect? If not, here’s a simple explanation. It’s human nature to stick things in categories. And brands take advantage of this fact. They will tout one good aspect of a product, and then we fill in the gaps—assuming other qualities are just as good. For example—when we hear […]

Leeks and Alliums

20160118 leeks shutterstock_328678325
One of the royal families of health foods is the genus allium. Among the family’s proud members are onions, garlic, shallots, scallions, and today’s slender superstar, the leek. Leeks are surprisingly uncommon in American cuisine, but an everyday ingredient in the foodiest countries of Europe—who are definitely on to something. Like many of earth’s finer […]

Meaning of Natural Label

20160115 meaning of natural shutterstock_359086499
Oftentimes, when I write you regarding healthy habits, I talk a lot about eating natural foods. But just what does that mean? And how can you do it? When I use the term, I mean foods that haven’t been tampered with. No antibiotics in meat. No harmful pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. No GMOs, or other […]

Tangerine’s Health Benefits

20151228 tangerines shutterstock_239760709
Just when most trees are winding down for the winter, along come two feel-good, taste-great, healthful, sunny-orange superfruits. Tangerines and tangelos. Bursting with sweet and tangy juice, like a mouthful of sunshine. The two happy warriors are similar in many ways. But the tangelo’s blood line is different enough to have earned the fruit its […]

Holidays No Reason to Eat Too Much

20151218 holiday eating shutterstock_121428730
Some call the upcoming holidays “the silly season”—not without justification. I like to call it “the foodie season” since this season brings us more great foodie treats than any other time of year. More varieties of healthy fruits and vegetables, thanks to the growers of beautiful heirlooms. More and better choices of centerpiece bird, be […]

Mediterranean lifestyle is more than a diet

family enjoying glasses of wine
The Mediterranean diet has been hailed, including by me, as a wonderfully safe, effective, better-than-drugs way to reduce risks of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and heart attack. At the same time, there have been critics of various studies supporting this claim. Some make fair points. In one widely cited study, for example, only men showed significantly […]

New tool to avoid added sugar

Couple baking with sugar
Here’s sweet news for those of us who blame added sugar for a host of serious health problems. For the first time, the FDA has seen the light and agrees. They now propose, finally, that consumption of added sugar, the so-called “empty calories” found in thousands of Big Food products, be limited to no more […]

Health Benefits of Fowl

20151118 fowl shutterstock_232224427
What a glorious time of year! Autumn colors blazing, fireplaces alight, summer’s final bounty in our markets, families reunited. Thankful? For the beauty, the bounty, and the family, of course. But also for the growing number of food producers who have seen the light—and are giving us literally tons of more healthy choices than ever […]

Holiday Food Safety

family enjoying holiday meal
It’s almost here. Holiday season. For most of us, holiday season is also eating season. Not only do we have numerous family meals—often better described as feasts—but our bodies naturally want to stock up on fat supplies as the days grow shorter and colder. Of course, while food is often the centerpiece of family gatherings, […]

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