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The food you eat has a profound effect on your health. Here you will find resources on how you can use that to your advantage with great recipes and the pros and cons of all the latest trendy diets.

Radish Health Benefits

gardener displaying her radishes
Radishes get the short end of the stick. They are often lumped in with other unappealing vegetables. But, when stories come out about the health benefits of hated foods, radishes usually get overlooked. Today, let’s correct that trend. Let’s set the record straight, and give the “lowly” radish its due. Not only do radishes have […]

Non-stick Coatings are Poisonous

20160420 nonstick dangers shutterstock_384953224
The modern world is a wonderful place. Today, we’ve got cars that can park themselves, computers that will obey our voices, and cookware that never needs scrubbing. Actually, let’s rethink that last one. Non-stick cookware has been all the rage for decades now—ever since it was first invented. But there’s a big problem—it turns out, […]

Good Foods Don’t Exist

Couple eating together outdoors
Everyone knows that losing weight means eating “good” foods, avoiding “bad” foods, and (ugh)—counting calories. But what if it’s not about “good” foods versus “bad?” And what if it’s not even about calories? It’s all about your unique gut. Fact: it’s about your metabolic and digestive system makeup. The trillions of “good bacteria” in your […]

Herbicide Alternatives

man gardening and weeding
It goes without saying: herbicides kill. And although the active ingredients in most herbicides have been declared “safe” for human consumption, that’s up for debate. Recently, the most common active ingredient—glyphosate—has been labeled a probable carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. That’s scary to say the least, considering how often we’re exposed […]

Organic food benefits at conventional prices

man and girl farming together
In these letters, you often hear me talk about the importance of eating healthy, natural, organic food. Organic food is often higher in healthy nutrients. You don’t have to worry about chemicals—like pesticides and herbicides—when you buy organic. And finally, you can be sure that you’re not supporting unsustainable—and sometimes immoral—factory farming when you eat […]

Avocado’s Health Benefits

20160316 avocados shutterstock_315109928
As early as 7,000 B.C., the avocado was a staple in the Aztec diet—with quite a reputation. The avocado’s creamy flesh was thought to inflame such irresistible desire that virgin daughters were kept indoors while men were harvesting the fruit. Indeed, the word “avocado” is derived from an Aztec word for a part of the […]

Don’t Eat Refined Carbohydrates

20160226 refined carbohydrates shutterstock_313223684
By now, you should be pretty familiar with the healthy eating plate. That’s the general amount of each food you should eat. For instance, in a typical meal, half your plate should be made up of vegetables and fruits. The other half should be divvied up between lean proteins and healthy, whole grains. But why […]

Brussels Sprouts’ Health Benefits

girl cooking brussels sprouts
Unless you’re living in the south, these are the hardest days. Deep in winter, months from the first thaw, this part of the year presents the greatest dearth of healthy, fresh veggies. This time of year, we’re even starting to run short on some squashes. Not to mention, there are only so many squash dishes […]

Genetically Modified Salmon Approved in US

chef holding hunk of salmon
Even when we know people are missing some marbles, they can still surprise us. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the FDA has just dragged us into troubled waters— again. Last November, the agency approved human consumption of genetically modified (GM) salmon. This is the first GM animal to be so cleared—a milestone. This is […]

Health Halo Effect

20160125 health halo shutterstock_68770966
Have you heard of the health halo effect? If not, here’s a simple explanation. It’s human nature to stick things in categories. And brands take advantage of this fact. They will tout one good aspect of a product, and then we fill in the gaps—assuming other qualities are just as good. For example—when we hear […]

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