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bergamot fruit and oil

Bergamot: Health Oil

When nature’s gifts and our endless human curiosity meet up, great things happen. Today’s star is the citrus fruit bergamot. So many health benefits from so little of […]

20160526 tangy black bean salad shutterstock_98297507

Tangy black bean salad

This fresh and tasty summer salad is a delicious main […]

20160525 genetic testing shutterstock_224673766

Is Genetic Testing for You?

There’s so much breakthrough research underway, it sometimes makes my […]

20160519 kale chips shutterstock_139442843

Kale Chips

As summer approaches, the temptation to sit out on the […]

  • Saffronex

    Saffronex has been clinically shown to help you overcome a gloomy, sad mood and lift your spirits, starting in as little as 2 weeks. Buy Now
  • Calm EX

    Calm EX helps relieve stress, lift your mood, chase off anxiety, and breathe sweet relief. Feel calm, cool, collected, and in charge of your day IN AS LITTLE AS 15 MINUTES. Buy Now
  • Chew Q10

    Chew Q10 is a form of CoQ10 that’s 300% more absorbable in your body than any other form available today—AND delicious! It has everything you need to protect your heart and brain PLUS power up your cells. Buy Now
  • Cholesterol Solution

    This powerful natural solution contains 3 super nutrients for healthy cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar control. It has everything you need to protect your heart and cardiovascular health. Buy Now
  • Curcumin EX Plus

    This active ingredient in the ancient Indian spice turmeric, protects you from premature aging due to its potent antioxidant properties. Curcumin is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. Buy Now
  • Rejuvan-All

    Erase wrinkles for good--in just 6 weeks--from the inside. Healthy skin without messy creams. Buy Now
  • Advanced Menopause Solution

    Say goodbye to night-sweats, hot flashes, and balance your mood. This supplement is exclusively available at the Newport Natural Health Store. Buy Now
  • Complete Blood Pressure Support

    This exclusive formula contains the Japanese super food, nattokinase. Shown to be 4x more powerful than your body's own blood thinning powers. Buy Now
  • Complete Glucose Support

    With this cutting-edge supplement formula, you will feel better, have more energy and maintain healthy insulin levels. Buy Now
  • Joint Renewal

    Comprehensive relief for stiff, uncomfortable joints by combining the two most advanced joint-supporting nutrients available. These clinically studied ingredients more effective than glucosamine and chondroitin. Buy Now
  • Prelox

    Prelox is a safe and natural solution for erectile problems that also helps support your overall cardiovascular health. Best of all, Prelox is available at the Newport Natural Health Store without a prescription. Buy Now
  • Ultimate Greens with pH Boost

    Pack the power of 30 servings of fruits and vegetables with this energizing, disease-fighting, age-defying solution. Buy Now
  • Complete Cardio Solution

    Contains therapeutic doses of the 5 must-have heart nutrients. These nutrients have been proven to support your heart. Buy Now
  • Advanced Memory Solution

    A unique, natural compound that helps restore youthful functioning of your brain cells. Buy Now
  • Prostate Plus

    These key ingredients at optimum levels have been clinically shown to support a healthy, normal sized prostate gland. Reduce urinary frequency during the day and at night to improve your sleep. Buy Now
  • Omega-D3

    Omega-D3 combines two of Dr. Connealy's most important nutrient recommendations... Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin D3. These nutrients support critical heart and brain functions. Buy Now
  • Complete Probiotic Solution with FOS

    Ensure comfortable REGULAR bowel movements and strong immune system. Buy Now
  • Melatonin Sleep Kit

    Save up to 15%! This Sleep Kit combines fast-acting and slow release melatonin supplements. Buy Now
  • Slow Release Melatonin Sleep Solution

    This slow-release formula delivers a longer-lasting supply of melatonin to help you fall and stay asleep. Buy Now
  • Melatonin Sleep Solution

    This fast-acting melatonin delivers the rest and relief you've been looking for. Buy Now

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